Monday, October 27, 2008

can I just have a couple more hours

in each day? Like... oh, 24 extra? I have 60hrs of work to get through this week.

Yes 60. At least.

I have orders and paperwork everywhere. Some going, some comming, some still being designed.

And that's up until Friday, when it all starts again.

And I have no childcare.

And I'm supposed to be at a school excursion with Liam on Wednesday.

And Ethan's had a fever from Saturday mid day through till this morning. Generally around 40.4 - 40.8.

And so he hasn't slept all weekend.

And neither have I.

He has a virus.

Liam's home sick too.

He has conjuncivitis.

He's going back to school tomorrow.

I have to go to school during the day to put the drops in his eyes still.

I have a 7th birthday party to plan, for SUNDAY.

That's less than 6 days away!

I still have not done the grocery shopping that should have been done last Thursday.

I have SIX loads of clean washing folded in my family room, waiting to be put away.

Did I mention I'm getting sick?

Are you surprised?

I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed.

Just trying to keep on treading water. Christmas will be here soon and then I can rest... for a few weeks. And then I'll be bussier than I've ever been in my life.

But my tax is done! I can tick that one off the list!

I am blessed I can work from home (even though it's a heck of a lot more hours than most people realise).

That I've NEVER been short of work from the day I left my last job.

That I've found a job that I love, that works for me, for our family and for our financial needs.

I love that I don't have to call in sick, make up time, feel guilty about letting down a boss, or leave my kids when they are sick (ok I do make up the time, just at 2am nowdays).

I'm incredibly blessed to have access to medical help and medications when they are sick.

I'm so thankful that I can make them feel so much better, but snuggling with them and reading a story (even if the washing doesn't get put away).

We have clean clothes to wear each day (even if they never made it into draws).

That I've been a mumma for almost SEVEN years! (SEVEN? How did that happen?) And every single day of the past seven years there's been a moment that I've laughed, smiled to myself, giggled or had my heart warmed, just with the thought of my beautiful boys).

I'm thankful I got such a placid, tolerant, caring and forgiving boy to be my first born, to learn how to be a mumma to, who unfortunatly I'm sure I make far too many mistakes with... but he's always forgiving and puts up with me :)

I'm blessed with friends and family to fill our house with in 6 days, to celebrate that beautiful little boy and all that he means to us, and all that he has bought into our home for the past 7 years (not including the dirt!)

We have food in the pantry (not much, but some) and money in the bank. We have shops nearby to buy more fresh nutritious food to fill our bellies.

I might be getting sick, but it will pass. I've been very blessed with my health.

We have all that we NEED and so much more.

Except maybe sleep. Could do with some more sleep. With that I'm off to bed. I can't see straight to edit any more pics tonight anyway. And my girl needs me to sleep so she can grow.


Cass said...

I could do with a few extra hours in my day too!

carolyne said...

i remember those days too well k...hang onto them though ok. it's all good and healthy. before you know it you've been a mumma for 18 years with them driving on their own and finishing school. it's all in a blink of an eye. now go put your feet up. hugs.

Carolina said...

Wow you are busy Katie, but i bet you wouldnt have it any other way *wink* Love catchin up on your blog and thanks for the reminders or being thankful for all we have :)

Kylie said...

Aww - Katie T - next time add a warning at the top of the post so I can get some tissues! Take it easy OK! :) xo

Nic Wood said...

big hugs - hope your feeling better, and havnt come down with a lurgy!!

Nic xxx