Thursday, October 30, 2008

The bug got me :(

I suppose when you're looking after two sick kiddo's you're going to get it. What felt like hayfever starting turned into either a pretty full on cold, or the flu. Hopefully I'm over the worst of it now though and it's only going to get better from here. I've been saying that for the past two days LOL. I woke the other night at 2am, unable to breath and feeling like those panick attacks were comming back. I have so much on my plate work wise, and even when I'm asleep I'm dreaming about the things I have to get done (or having nightmares that they didn't get done). The only way to get them off my mind is to get them done. So when I woke at 2am I tossed and turned for a while, before getting up and editing some pics, loading online galleries, and organising print orders. At 4am I crashed back into bed, and at 7am, well... I didn't want to get up. But it was nice knowing I could tick off some boxes. I just have to stay focused and get the work done.

Liam's birthday party is on this weekend, so we are busy, busy preparing for that. Hopefully it will be a great day and the kids will all have a ball. Not much more you can ask for than that.

Today I had my first acupuncture! Geez it was weird. Brett knew I wouldn't go if he left it up to me, so he booked the appointment, picked me up, drove me there, sat with me while they did it and drove me home LOL. It wasn't bad at all. I didn't feel any of the needles go in, and only a second or two of discomfort on two of them as they tweaked them into the right spot. The other two I never felt at all. I only know one was in my toe because he told me, and the other in my wrist because I could see it. Once they were all in, they turned out the lights, and left me to relax with some soft music alone, and Brett took Ethan out for a walk down the street. Ethan was very worried about leaving me. He kept telling me "but you'll cry". Poor little darling was so worried about me, seeing those needles in me. At least I was able to reasure him that it was all ok, it didn't hurt and it was special medicine to make my tummy better. Sweet little darling he is. Straight afterwards I didn't feel much different (I had it for my pelvis issues), but when I got home, I sat in a chair and crossed my legs and then I looked down and thought OMG I haven't been able to cross my legs for a month! LOL There's definatly a lot more mobility, and no where near the pain... infact I really haven't had any pelvic pain at all since. Weird, amazing experience, but one I'll be doing again for sure. Very much worth it.

OK, was going to say I'm off for an early night, but it's already 10.40, so it's not really going to be that early.


carolyne said...

girl you need to chill....I know, easy said than done but I think and I am saying this because I know you, you don't like sitting around doing nothing. try and find even 10 mins in your day to put your feet up. we need to catch up, miss ya!

Leonna said...

Oh luv, your life needs to slow down but unfortunately we are just heading into the mad festive season...what to do!! Whatever you do make sure you, your baby and your family come first and everything else will just have to wait. Now... what on earth were you thinking planning a birthday party this year!! And I'm sure you had a magnificent cake too didn't you? Well I hope Liam had a ball-happy birthday to him. Hope your pelvis is still holding up. Yay for acupunture!

Tanya said...

Hi Katie!! I hope you are feeling better! Girl you need to slow down!!! do what really needs to be done & forget the rest!!! I hope Liam had a fantastic birthday party, Happy Birthday Liam :) wow they sure do grow up too fast!! I love your belly pic... just gorgeous Katie & such a beautiful bump!! A little girl, how sweet, the colour pink WILL grow on you.. trust me!

Take care... & rest up when you can!!!

Tanya xxx