Wednesday, October 22, 2008

S'pose I should update.

All is going well, just REALLY busy, and totally exhausted by night time (blog time), and keep putting it off for 'another day'.

So, whats been happening. Well three weeks ago I owned four pink coffee mugs, and for work purposes a pink backdrop, tub and blanket..... now I own a lot more pink stuff. A lot of our friends have finished/finishing having their last bubs so we've been handed so many boxes of pink things. I've been slowley sorting through them all. I've done a big clean out of boys clothes, but still kept a box of my absolute faves - just in case ;)

She's growing well (spot on with measurments), kicking lots (just copped a big one right then!) Brett and Liam have felt them, but Ethan hasn't really yet. The boys love my belly and constantly come up and stroke it and ask questions or tell me things about our baby. It's all very sweet. Ethan's finally getting it that the baby is in my BELLY not my boobs. LOL He's so, so cute, and it's just beautiful to see him experience this. Especially when I think he came very close to never getting that oportunity (after the last two miscarriages I swore I was done and not going through that again... but time heals, and all those cute bubba's comming in to have their photos taken didn't hurt either).

Work is very busy, which is good, but getting hard too. I intended to only do one shoot a week up until Christmas, but I find myself doing three. I have a problem saying no I think LOL. My pelvis is starting to play up, and has been since 19 weeks. I'm doing all the things I'm supposed to do to just try and keep it together and keep the bone/cartlidge from actually breaking again. Hopefully I can just get through until Christmas.

Liam lost another tooth. HIS right hand side bottom (next one out from the centre two - should find out the correct name for them one day.

Brett took the boys away camping last weekend. It was a bit of a spur of the moment trip, and I had work on, so I stayed home and they had a boys weekend away. They had a ball. Came home so filthy I made them have a bath before they could touch/do/look at anything LOL But that's the fun of camping hey. They went over just past Venus Bay, where we went at New Year. Saturday's weather was just beautiful which was great for them, being right on the beach.

Had to catch ups with photographer friends in the past two weeks. One down here in Mornington, and the other in Eltham. This is Kylie's sweet little princess Murphy. She was a whole lot easier to chase than my boys. One of whom ended up in a lake! The other of whom thankfully pulled him out! LOL It was quite funny really. The lake was covered with green vegetation over the surface and Ethan was running through the grass and it just looked like more grass so he just kept on running....

Glad I bought him some spare clothes!

What else.... a belly pic? I have one here somewhere. Let me find one.
Making lunch. What else does a preggie gal think about :) Well hey - I think about food non stop, pregnant or not. (for those who haven't seen me for a while - I grew my hair. Stupid move. It sucks and I need it cut off again)

The lunch. I was craving ham... so had to toast it to make it safe. Yummo with a bit of cheese and some grape tomatoes (best tomatoes ever).

Probably more I inteded to record, but too tired to think straight now and need bed.

Marni, your gallery will be up tomorrow.

Girls night in scrapping night this Saturday!


Megan said...

YOUR BELLY IS SOOOOO CUTE!! Love love love it!!

Can't make it to the girls night in on Saturday :( I have to work! POO!

Nic Wood said...

Your looking great Katie - absolutely glowing! Gorgeous baby bump!

Isnt it funny how quickly the pink slowly creeps in LOL and watch out, it seems to just keep multiplying!
Nic xxx

Leanne Stamatellos said...

looking good Katie!