Thursday, September 18, 2008

just for a bit of colour

I was at my mums a few days ago and she asked me for some updated photos to put on the wall in the playroom there. I had to tell her that I don't think I've even taken a photo of my own kids in about 3mths! HOW BAD IS THAT! And I'm going scrapping this weekend, so somehow I'm going to have to dig up some photos (or scrap some client pics LOL). So, I have no personal photos to add - although Liam did take a 16 week belly shot of me a while ago. So I thought I'd scan a few of the layouts I've done since I last uploaded any layouts - am I slack or what! No pics or layouts, what a boring blog. Anyway, moving on. Here's a few recent (hahhaaaaaa! NOT!) layouts :)

I had a bubba checkup again yesterday. All's good although the HB was a bit tricky to find. I was pretty sure all was ok, as I'm getting lots of movement (love that!!), but everytime my midwife tried to find the heartbeat all she kept comming up with was my heartbeat. She kept looking at me saying "don't worry, it will be here", then fiddling around for a bit longer, then "really, don't worry, it will be here somewhere" LOL Eventually we got it :) They thought my racing heart stuff could be associated with low iron levels, but they're good. So it's a just put up with it kind of thing. Hopefully it goes soon. Appart from that I feel good. No pelvis probs yet, and Sally, my pilates instructer is one mean woman! In a nice way of course. But geez I'm going to have muscles on my muscles by the time she's finished with me!!
It's beginning to look like a baby is comming to our house. The basinette and cot have both arrived back (well new cot cos I gave my old one away - but I never really did like it ;) ) Boys are super excited. Can't decide whether they want a baby brother or sister. One day it's a sister, the next it's a brother. Seriously, even if it is a girl, she's not going to be a girly girl, with two older brothers to copy :)
Well we're walking to school (looks like rain but hopefully it holds off) so must get going :)


Carolina said...

I love the LO's Katie, i haven't scrapped either for a while... i have to ask where is the CAMO umbrella from? Jesse would love it!
So great to hear baby's all well and yes, movement makes all the difference in keeping calm after a shaky start :)

Cass said...

Beautiful layouts! Glad to hear that all is going well for bubba.

Lisa Le-Ray said...

Congrats on the pregancy of your third baby Katie!

Lovin those awesome layouts above! You still have that sweet / simple and elegant Katieloo style!


Tam said...

So nice to see some scrapping, Katie! I can't believe how big Liam is looking!!!

And even better to hear that bubba is happy and healthy. I really hope he/she doesn't make your pelvis hurties! Take care xxxxxxxx

jane fitchett said...

- great to see some scrapping from you :) looking forward to sat- you can always borrow some of my pics;) glad to hear the baby is happy in there- looking forward to saying hi to the bump LOL

Leanne Stamatellos said...

great to see some layouts from you - they look great too.
glad all is well with you and the baby!

Megan said...

Loving seeing some Katie LOs. Awesome as always. And so glad things are going well with bubs. So exciting. Can't wait to see some belly pics.
Take care sweetie

welcome to my world said...

it all sounds so exciting babe.
i have a big favor to ask you ill email you with the details...take a llok at my blog you might be able to guess. :)
love your pages
chat soon

Tanya said...

Hi Katie, congratulations on your pregnancy yay!!! glad everything is now going well!! Your layout's are eye candy... just beautiful!

take care :)

t. xxxx