Thursday, September 04, 2008

14-15 weeks

* Gosh that virus was a shocker that triggered off a few other issues. Spent 3 days with my heart racing. Resting heart rate was between 116-120 most of the time. Didn't sleep for about 5 nights. Apparently it's hormone related. I tell you what... give me back the all day vomiting! Anyway, seems to have settled down now and will hopefully stay that way.

* As a result of being so sick I've fallen a bit behind with work, but I am getting there. Thanks for being so patient. Last week I had 7 spots left before Christmas, I now have 3... and enquiries from 6 others so far. I'd love to take on more, but I am just not going to risk this little bub by doing too much.

* Went to Pilates again.

* The road opened up down the bottom of our street, so now we can walk to school (and doesn't my butt know about that! Why did we decided to build on TOP of a hill?) The walk to school is beautiful though. We go down the street, into a valley, along the creek which is full of ducks, over the bridge and up the other hill. Thank goodness Ethan has a handle on his bike for pushing up the hill again.

* Ethan's enrollment for kinder. He would have LOVED to have stayed and played. Sorry buddy, we couldn't today :(

* Swimming lessons for both boys. Both doing GREAT. Ethan's even doing 5 kicks with his face in the water! That's HUGE for him, who up until a month or so ago screamed his head off if you washed his hair. He just adores his teacher Jody, and the other kids in his class. Really looks forward to it each week. Liam's doing great. He's in the big pool, doing great. Always loves swimming.

* Today we discovered a new park! Ethan had a ball. We're going back with Liam soon

* Letter land parade at school tomorrow for Liam. He's going as Red Robot, as I think majority of the kids in his class are. (all boys class, so no female characters in his room)

* Off to Frankston tonight to take some night photos with MPCC. Should be fun. Better go rug up and get ready.


Megan said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better. Although that racing heart must have been scary.
Have been meaning to email you just to say hi. Joel and I might have to come down and visit one day in the future now that it's getting a little warmer and maybe we could go down the beach for a paddle with the boys.

lyndwyer said...

Hi Katie.......just popping in to see how you are going......the heart stuff sounds a bit scarey....sounds like you have plenty of work on also....somake sure you have that ME TIME for both you and the bub......

Lyn Dwyer

Leonna said...

Thank goodness you're feeling better. There are so many things going around at the moment...gastro one of them, I'm sure you don't want that!
Those Red Robots sure were great at the parade. Well Done Liam!
That belly is coming along nicely and will soon be joined by some ripper thighs and a well toned butt if you leep that walking up.


kathie said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! :) You know that I'm so excited for you. And so relieved to hear that it's all going well.
Not good about the virus.
Look after yourself chickie! Keep well.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl.. may all your dreams and wishes come true.

LOVE ya!!