Wednesday, August 27, 2008

13 - 14weeks

* Came down with a shocker of a virus - chest/cough thing

* Little bit of morning sickness - still nothing like with the boys and bought on more by the virus I think.

* Pilates

* Ethan swimming

* Play at the new park with swimming friends

* Amanda and Trinity popped in for a cuppa

* Shopped for new bathers

* Picked up referal

* Booked next scan

* Baked banana bread - yummy!

* Received 2nd round offer for kinder for Ethan. Yay, we thought he'd missed out by 3 places :(

* Skipped music as I felt too sick and didn't want to pass on my virus to anyone else.

* Photographed Alexandra - gorgeous cutie.

* Celebrated dad's (Pa's) birthday

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