Monday, August 25, 2008

Babies, babies, babies

* Photographed Hunter and his new baby sister Katie - how cute is she!
* Had my 12 weeks scan. All good :)
* Pilates - attempting to keep my pelvis together this pregnancy
* Photographed Narelle's baby girl Matise (photos to come)
* Doc appt - all good
* Music with Ethan
* Booked in at hospital
* Shopped for maternity clothes - huge, obviously preggie belly now :)
* Cleaned out my wardrobe and packed up all my jeans until next year
* Shopped for birthday presents
* Reading at school
* Big Russ' birthday bash
* Photographed 10mth twins and 3yo cutie boy (all very yummy... pics to come still)
* Photographed baby Angus - another very yummy one.
* Birthday party for my nephew Will, and also caught up with my brother and sister to exchange their birthday pressies (my sister is the day before Will's birthday)
* Hoping to slow down a bit this next week!


welcome to my world said...

hay there kaite
you have been busy.
I hear that you met bree chris xavier and the twinnies...arent they the sweetest happiest girls ever. They are so well bahaved for their mum and bree is just inspirational.
:)Glad all is well

sarah said...

how cute! :)