Monday, August 18, 2008

hello there little one :)

It's been a long emotion filled road. Of course it's been HAPPY, but it's also been SO, SO sad and scary. And the waiting. Lots of waiting. It's taken a long time just to get here. Pregnancy and I don't go together very well at all and have a pretty bad track record really. We've had weeks of scans and Beta tracking. We lost one of our little twins, but today we got a pretty good 'all clear' that this little one is not only still hanging on in there, but growing nicely, making perfect progress since our last set of scans and has a great strong HB. And we are happy, happy, happy. I feel like I can finally relax and enjoy our bubba number three, who is due to join our family late Feb 2009.

Such a big, huge, MASSIVE thankyou to you sweet girls who have stressed and worried just as much as me. You've been a wonderful support, constantly checking in on me. I think you remembered all my appointments better than I did LOL. And now girls... you can blab ;) xx

Life is good :)


tara said...

Oh YAY, I am so glad to hear that bubba is doing well. Congratulations!!!

Will be praying for you.

Belinda Venables said...

Wow Katie - congratulations to you and your family.

My thoughts are with you. I hope everything goes smoothly from here...:D


Ros said...

Congratulations Katie!

I hope it is all smooth sailing from here on now. That and your pelvis holds up!


Janine said...

Congratulations to you and your family- how exciting, a new bubba!!! Wishing you all the best!!

jane fitchett said...




Anonymous said...

Whooo Hoooo!!!! So proud of you guys. Finally the little miracle you have hoped for.. No more stressing.. Finally a blessing..

Sit back relax and enjoy. Yippeee.

Take care

Megan said...

WOOOO HOOOOO so super happy to see this post. So glad that little one is sticking around to meet you guys. Praying that the next few months zooom by with minimal stress and lots of fun preggy stuff!!
Love to you sweetie

janine kaye said...

congratulations!!! i am so thrilled for you and your family!!!! relax and enjoy!! xxxjk

Beck said...


How exciting Katie! Congratulations :)


Briony said...

WOW! How exciting. I am thinking of you and hope that all continues to go well with bub.

KimA said...

Congratulations Katie! I'm so glad that things are going the right way now.

Gayle Smith said...

Oh yay! So glad you are doing well Katie. What a beautoful photo too.

Sami said...

WOW Katie! Congratulations. Three is a wonderful number. Take care of you....B-) Sami

Shan said...

Hi Katie
I've just started this whole blogging thing and stumbled across your blog!!! and to find out your wonderful news!! Congrats to you and Brett, I'm glad things are on the imrove, I know how challenging a "difficult" pregnancy can be.
Take care
Shantell xxx
PS Madison and Elly send their love too xxx

Lisa said...

Oh Katie, This is such WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I am so pleased for you and your family, and truley hope that all is smoother from here on in. A worrisome preg. is NOT fun.
Toot toot for the clever girl. :)

Kylie said...

Yay Katie, B, L and E! Congratualtions!

Nat said...

You know how overjoyed I am for you honey... you and your little bubba are on the top of my prayer list right now!!
Congratulations, its such wonderful wonderful news!

welcome to my world said...

congrats babe
Hope all goes well from here on.
:) hugs

Hayley said...

Hey Katie,
I haven't been on your blog for months and for some reason decided to look just now - and what great news I'm greeted with! Congrats!!! That's very exciting for you and your family!

Helen Scott said...

What wonderful news :-) Wishing you and your *growing* family all the best for the next 6 months.

Rachel said...

Yay, you're blogging again!!!! :)
I'm wishing you a nice BORING pregnancy from here on in :)
Glad to hear your scan went well!
(love the US pic - very cute :)

Rach xx

Ali :-) said...

Massive congratulations, Katie! Wishing you a smooth, trouble-free pregnancy :o)

All the best to you and your boys!
Ali :o)

Jasmine said...

Soooo happy for you and Brett!!!

It's such wonderful news - praying that you can continue to relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :)


Felicity said...

Katie that is the sweetest news to hear from you. Wishing you all the very best and hope that the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful. xxxxFelicity.

Leonna said...

Congratulations again! Here's to the rest of a beautiful pregnancy and soon a lovely addition to your family. It 's going to be fun watching your belly grow- I love baby bellies! Hmmmm, I or blue???

Hugs to you all,
L xx

kazy2004 said...

So exciting katie,

very happy for you, more beautiful pics and layouts to see from you. Oh hang on there won't be any time, LOL.
All the best,
Cheers Karen

Leanne Stamatellos said...

what absolutely beautiful news - best wishes to you and the boys and I look forward to hearing great things from here on about your sweetpea!

Sal :-) said...


Katie this is just such wonderful news, and look at that precious one, just kicking back, looking so cool and comfy :)

Praying for boring ;-)

Sal xoxo

Sofi said...

Huge congrats to you and Brett, Katie!That is such wonderful news, and hoping you have a wonderful pregnancy from here on.
(I know what it's like to have a difficult pregnancy.)

Debbi said...

What fantastic news Katie, haven't visited your blog for ages, and so very happy to hear your news, hope everything is smooth sailing from now on. Take care, Debbi

Nic Wood said...

congratulations sweetie, your in my thoughts and prayers for a very uneventful next 20 or so weeks.

Nic xxx

Lara said...

wow Katie. lots to deal with. but lots to be happy about. yay. congrats.

Janelle Wind said...

WOW Katie, what a huge journey you have been traveling. I am thrilled for you that things are looking good now - all the very best for the coming weeks and months too.


x Janelle