Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello again little one :)

So you're the one bouncing around inside like the next olympic gymnist and causing me all this heartburn. Lucky you're cute! Look at that little face. Awwww. Lots of kicking and movement going on during the scan. In this pic you're rubbing your eyes. You jumped about so much we almost didn't get to find out whether you're a boy or a girl... but eventually we did ;)

Want to know? What do you think?

ALSO: I'm having a crop night on Saturday October 25th for 'Girls Night In'. The more the merrier, let me know if you're free that night and can make it.


Cass said...

I'll guess a girl, mostly because I am sitting here feeding my little girl! :) Continuing to pray for a safe, healthy pregnancy and bubby.

Tam said...

Hmmmm... I think that's boy #3!

Would love to crop with you, but I am having baby free nights on the two weekends before that and hubby just might have a breakdown if I have another ;o)

Lou Spiden said...

I think maybe boy#3.....please tell us!! I hate not knowing!!

Leonna said...

OMG you found out!!!

I'm sitting here pondering...do I want to know? Hmmmm, yes.

I think it just might be a girl.

Are you telling or just teasing?

So glad he/she is kicking away healthily. Love your countdown ticker too.


Anonymous said...

you are so cheeky mrs TOLAND!!...

look at that beautiful angel face.. oooooo... love the new photo!!!


Anonymous said...

i will be there with bells on. But you already new that..lol

Love the beautiful pic. Just too cute.

Take care

roentarre said...

Fun post!!

Boy I bet

kathie said...

Look at that beautiful, beautiful face. Oh Katie, how wonderful.

I would love to join you for your Girls Night In. If only you were closer.