Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So you want to know?

Are you sure you want to know?


OK, well I'm going to tell, so if you don't want to know, look away!

Someone told me if you have two same sex children, you have a 75% chance of the third being the same sex.

Once, many years ago, before kids, someone did that ring thing on me. You know, you do it over the wrist and it tells you what you WILL have. It came up with 6 boys and I made them stop. This is baby number 7 for us.

I was as SICK as SICK can be with the boys. I threw up every day until 36 weeks with Liam, and until 22 weeks with Ethan. I've only been sick a few times with this bub.

I had a boys name in mind, but couldn't think of a girls name.

My 'feeling' was boy #3... but I'm usually always wrong with these things.

So, I really had no clue.

But (have I stretched this out long enough yet?)



(look away if you don't want to know!)


I'm not sure I know what to do with girls though, and I definatly need lessons in pink. (I don't like pink, but I'm sure it will grow on me).


Helen said...


She will be adored by her big brothers. You will get use to pink pretty quickly and love it, it somehow seems to take over the whole house.
That wedding ring test is always right!.

Helen xxx

ps Sorry cant make the 25th, hosting my sons 4th birthday party that night.
Have fun girls.

Anonymous said...

You know I am so happy for you guys....

Pink :):):)


Gayle Smith said...

O wow've gotta LOVE girls! You will get used to pink :)

Sal :-) said...

Oh Yeah a pink one!!

From someone who couldn't stand pink and wasn't going to dress my girls all pink, I'm totally a pink convert!! YOU'LL LOVE IT!! & it's always nice to have a mix :-D

Kathy P said...

oh Katie how Exciting, the dynamics of your family will change, but for the better..... just imagine all the gorgeous girlie photos and LOs you can do now :) and you can look forward to lots of Mother/Daughter bonding - so special. And I am sure she will wrap her father and brothers around her little finger!

I have another 4 weeks wait to find out!

kathie said...

Ah Katie, how wonderful. A little girl to be a baby sister to the boys. I'm sure that you'll work out what to do with pink, lol.

Stitchingmum said...

Congratulations Katie and co, you'll get used to pink and all associated girly bits soon enough, lol.

Lisa said...

Yay for a pink one. HUGE congrats to you all on this amazing news.
This little one is just doing everything right!
A little ray of sunshine ... in the shape of a girl ... - This song just popped into my head. :)


Leonna said...

OMG how fantastic! I'm so thrilled for you all.

Now you will be able to buy EVERYTHING at the scrap shops. Can't wait to see your first GIRLY layout! And you can do a little girls room. I'm sure it will be beautiful. Have lots of fun!


Felicity said...

Katie I am sitting here with the hugest grin on my face. I did have my fingers crossed it would be a pink one, haha just so I can see you scrap some pink layouts. She will be adored by her big brothers thats for sure. xxxFelicity.

Megan said...

AHHHHHHH!! So exciting. I agree with Felicity. She will be doted on by her big brothers (we hope LOL)!
Can't wait to see some girly LOs. They don't have to be too pink.

Nic Wood said...

LOL, I know how weird it feels, but Im sure you will work out all the girly stuff.
Are you still a little in disbelief? I know I was for ages!
Such wonderful go get thinking about girls names!!!!!

Nic xxx

Enna said...

Hi Katie
I don't get over here very often, so I was thrilled to read your news - congratulations :)
Your boys will adore their little sister.

Lou Spiden said...

Oh YAY how exciting!!
You'll be fine with pink :) How exciting!! (did i say that already?)


Karen L said...

Ah Katie - I am so excited for you. you will soon get used to pink. I am thrilled for you all.

jane fitchett said...

look what happens when I go away!!!
you know im very, very rapt for you all- you will love pink LOL!
btw- im coming on the 25th- just havent officially replied yet :)


carolyne said...

so thrilled for you girl, fantastic - she will have brett eating out of her palms. so happy for you all. i can't wait to catch up with you. take good care of yourself. hugs.

Rachel said...

Go the pinkies!!! I swore I wouldn't dress my girl in pink LOLOL - it's all she owns! :)

I LOVE the relationship our girlie has with her big brothers - so special :)

Can't wait to hear what name you choose. (I think I've told you before that your boys names were on our list)


Carolina said...

Awesome news Katie, all of the above rings true, the males in the house will be bessotted and you'll find your tune with her also... A pink one is a must in every family!

Nat said...

You know how excited I am for you having a girl Katie!!! Oh its going to be so much fun, but beware, girls cost so much more coz there's so many more cute things to dress them up in!!
Can't wait to meet her :)

lyndwyer said...

Hi Katie,

Your Blog stalker is back for a quick darn excited for you and Brett!

OOOH I remember how you use to love doing "orange" layouts with ribbon and your little tags.....and the Katie made papers and tiles....remember those days.....well I can see you doing this again with your little girl....not necessarily in PINK!

We so need to have a catch up for coffee and lunch at Knox maybe with the others from days gone by.....LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

I've been having a break from reading blogs lately and spending so much time on the net.

I am thrilled to read your latest news and am sooooo happy and excited for you all with the news of a new baby coming into your household.

Take care of yourself and hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will be stress free and fun.

Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you and your baby. Much love from Susan (smiles1965) xxxooo