Sunday, January 06, 2008

Photo a day

Today: We had a practice run for some birthday cakes for Ethan. Had an idea in my head, and wanted to see if it worked in real life ;)

And... we explored our neighbourhood. This is the creek at the end of our street. About time Liam made it into a pic hey. The reason for that is because he's been at nanny and poppy's for a few days. He went to spend the afternoon there, then called to ask if he could stay the night.... then called again to see if he could stay ANOTHER night. Oh, and don't we know he's home now ;) Lets just say both kiddies are tired and, well, bitchy LOL. So after them spending the majority of the morning trying to kill each other, I decided if we didn't get out of the house I was going to kill them both (tell me I don't need to tell you I'm kidding!) Anyway, they rode their bikes down the end of the street to the creek. While they played I sat under a tree. Ethan came an snuggled in my lap, so I knew it was time to get home. As soon as we walked in the door, Ethan crawled up onto the couch, asked for his blanket and a drink. I gave him the blanket but before I could even get the drink ready he was fast asleep. Poor mite, had been up all night with a high fever and was a bit sick this morning too. Therefore I've been up all night too. So with that I'll leave you with a few more piccies of the big boy (training wheel shot is the little boy) and head off to bed.


Anonymous said...

love those cupcakes- and more importantly my kids think theyre fantastic!!!
great photos at the park, good to have a nice location so close- how'd you go going back up the hill ;)

Jess said...

Spooky! I was reading Megan's blog last night while looking for cupcake inspiration for Angus' birhtday and commented on her cupcakes, and now this morning I'm checking the recipe I found last night and you've got cupcakes too! They look great! I might have to steal that idea, because I'm falling very short of inspiration for cakes suitable for a three year old boys party that are also relatively quick and easy. Everything I've found is either flowers and butterflies, or way too elaborate for me to pull off.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those cakes are awesome :o)

We did have a wonderful christmas thank you - hope you did too?!

I can't believe that gorgeous weather you are having, it makes me jealous everytime I see some of your photos. Today was absolutely miserable here, raining and cold :o(

I too can't believe how much Ashton has grown up this year! Way too quickly for my liking, can't believe she will be 2 in April - crazy stuff!

Can't wait to see your layouts!

Happy a fantastic 2008 xxx

connie said...

i love your cup cakes Katie.. they will be a huge hit!!..

how about sending some of them my way...LOL..

love your photos a day...

take care


Kathy Pitt said...

Those cupcakes are just adorable Kate!! Can you share how you made them? I know my kids, and big kids would love to make them lol