Monday, January 07, 2008

Photo a day - 7th Jan

Today: they played on their bikes out the front.
Love those grubby little toes. They just spell summer. And I love them cos they're cute too.
I'm craving routine so much. It's lovely having Brett home, but I just can not follow my normal routine with him around. I have no clue why not. What difference should it make, but I just can not get my tooshy into gear. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will. As I have said since we got home from camping. I also 'officially' started back at work today. Two shoots to get out from last year, before shooting another two this weekend... and pretty much booked up through Feb and into March at this point :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - the colours are beautiful!

Yay for being booked through Feb and into March :o) xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Just popping in to check up on all your news. I am glad you had a lovely camping holiday. I bet the boys loved every minute of it.

All your photos are brilliant as always. What sort of camera do you use again?

Not that I can afford to buy a new camera but I just love how all your photos are so crisp and clear. Mine never look that way.

Those cup cakes with faces on look amazing. Your so clever, they almost look too cute to

I am very happy to read that the roof has been fixed and the pigeons are all gone. What a great relief and a lovely way to start a new year.

Have a fun day. Love from Susan (smiles1965) from Scrap Pile xxoo