Sunday, January 06, 2008

Photo a day

Today: I pulled the decorations off the Christmas tree. Am still to actually 'put away' the tree.

And today is also Poppy's birthday! We went over to their house for dinner and cake of course. Look at him with all his precious grandkids helping him blow out his candles. Hannah looks quite confused by it all actually LOL, but she did love it. Following dinner Brett mentioned 'the old slide projector' and the next thing we knew we were all sat around the big screen laughing at pics of Brett and Sally as babies. So cute and funny. Here are a couple of shots that I snapped directly from the projector screen. They came out so clear. Anyway Megan mentioned after the camping post, how alike Brett and Ethan are. Here's a couple of piccies of Brett as a little tacker. He was cute back then too huh ;) Besides Brett having darker hair, they are pretty alike!


Natti said...

Wow, he DOES look JUST like his Daddy did doesn't he!!
If he turns out as spunky as his Daddy when he grows up, you better lock him up!

Megan said...

Holy Moly that one of Brett in the box is totally Ethan!! I agree with Nat as well, he'll be totally spunky!!

kathie said...

LOL, I was just sitting here looking at our empty tree thinking that I should put it away tomorrow.
Yes, I agree that the likeness is amazing.