Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Photo a day - 15th and 16th Jan

OK so all pics are from yesterday. While Liam was at my sisters Ethan and I went for a wonder down on the beach. Man that hill is a killer comming back up. Adding an almost 3YO to the weight, and it's a full blown workout! But it's worth it, cos I love this bit of beach.

Today, Liam is sick. It's the first day I haven't pulled out my camera, but I've worked hard on learning new stuff. Hardly moved away from the computer all day. Lots of reading, notes and experimenting.

Oh, and I bought a new lens yesterday :) Can't wait for it to arrive. So while I haven't actually taken a pic for today, I'll leave you with three storyboards to cover yesterday and today. That fair? I think so ;)


Jasmine said...

Wow Katie - that is a beautiful beach. Well worth the effort to get there. Our fave beach involves a bit of a hike and rockclimbing on the way there and back LOL!

Gorgeous gorgeous photos. The water looks so clear - did you use a polarising filter?

I love the ones of the boys painted feet too. Looks like they've had a great time during the holidays. All these storyboards you've done would make a great summer mini album.

Jas xx

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Hi there Katie,
Just checked out your January posts - I've been to the beach for the last couple of weeks and wow those shots are amazing.
Your photography is really coming along - so crisp and clear and lovely and bright. Oh, and my boys have those same cotton on blue and white stripe shorts - too cute aren't they!