Monday, January 14, 2008

Photo a day - 14th Jan

Today: They painted with their feet :)
Liam's at my sisters for a sleep over. Him and Aidan have not stopped asking for see each other, or have a sleep over so far these holidays.
Finally got my all clear from my doctor today. After 18 loooooong weeks, my blood is back to normal. Well almost, but good enough to not warrent further intervention. I'm happy with that! Thankyou to all of you beautiful girlies who have worried about me, emailed me, prayed for me, and even just let me bawl my eyes out on your shoulder through all of this. You all mean the world to me. Here is to new beginings for 2008.


Cass said...

Praying that 2008 is 'your year'. :)

Natti said...

That looks like it was lots of fun!
Thank God that the levels are good again. Praying for continued healing for you from a traumatic experience. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh all these kids pics....and so good to hear your on the road to recovery girl.....pop on over to the ANZ Fiskars Blog when you get a chance and have a look at all the inspirational back to school inspiring....

Lyn Dwyer