Monday, January 14, 2008

Photo a day - 13th Jan

He was outside riding his bike while daddy was cutting the grass. I was inside baking. He appeared at the door with a very sad face and his sleeve held up. He'd fallen off :( Nothing a Bart Simpson bandaid couldn't fix though, and of course a kiss from mumma.

What one has, the other has to have.


Nic Wood said...

Lovin' all these photos Katie. Ive been so salck with photos, scrapping.....mmmmmmmmm everything really LOL.

Im really enjoying all the little bits of your boys lives through these. BTW those scones look YUMMO!!!!

Nic xxx

kathie said...

Loving these photos.
Yes, you are cheeky to suggest that I should do it too. I don't know if I have the self discipline. Maybe I should try and see how far I get...