Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kind'a fell off the wagon

We all got sick. I got it twice, lucky me. A yucko vomiting bug that everyone seems to have had. I've still taken pics, but fell behind with work and have to do that before I can play with my own pics. I will continue on with the photo a day, I will catch up, but not until I at least get this shoot done. So check back to see a rather large photo update very soon.


Kathy Pitt said...

oh hope you are feeling better soon Katie, and this bug goes away!

You have inspired me to be taking photos every day too, for the last week I have been taking snaps of every day stuff the kids have been doing - I actually haven't been taking many photos of late, so it has been a great feeling to have it back in my hands :)

Jasmine said...

Oh no Katie. Hope you're all well and truly on the mend. What a trooper for still taking your daily photos through it all! Can't wait to see them ;)

Karen L said...

Katie I really hope and pray you guys are all feeling better and that things get back to normal for you real soon. Love looking at all your photos too.

Willisa said...

Happy new Year, Merry Christmas and All those other holidays Ive probally missed since checking up on you last!!!

No good to hear that you're sick though!! : ( Feel better soon! I'm making arrangements to go to the CFK on Good Friday, hopefully we can catch up a bit in the flesh there!

Shoots of the kids look ace (as always) and I LOVE that your doing the photo a day challenge!! Go you!


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of get well wishes your way. Sometimes it can take a while to fully recover from those yukky bugs. Hope your back to normal ASAP. From Susan (smiles1965) xxoo

Carolina said...

Thatnks Katie, DS has just seen the painted feet and has requested we do the same! Loving all your photos and hope you're all on the mend :)