Friday, January 25, 2008

Photo a day - 17th Jan

Best start the catch up!

I was so stoked to get these of him. It is SO hard these days to get a real happy smile from him on camera. He has an awsome smile, he lights up a room when he smiles, he's so cheeky and full of mischievious laughter. He's a really happy kid. He's always laughing and playing and giggling. But when I pull the camera out it's a totally different matter. Out comes the fake smiles and stiff shoulders. But these... these are him. These are getting printed big! LOL


Jasmine said...

Wow - great photos! He really is gorgeous - love that smile. It can be so hard to capture those "real" happy moments hey!

Anonymous said...

really, really gorgeous photos :)
the one on the right REALLY looks alot like you!!
miss j