Tuesday, October 02, 2007

School holidays #6

Into week two :)

Today we were able to have a bit of a sleep in - didn't get up until 8.30! Wow!!

We set about getting organised, and then had to go run some errands, deliver photos etc. After that we were off to Kira's goodbye party. Kira is a little girl in Liam's class. She's been intergrating from Leap into Prep at a different school, as she'll go into grade one there next year. The kids had a little surprise going away party for her at school at the end of term, and today her parents put on an afternoon tea complete with a jumping castle. (that kind of makes it more of a PARTY as far as my kids are concerned!) They had a ball. Kira lives about 2km from us, so we decided to walk/ride there. Liam did great. Every time he gets on the bike he's getting better and better. He rides great, it's the starting off that he finds a bit difficult and like a push off. But yesterday he mastered pushing himself off too, and then wouldn't let me help him LOL.

It was such a nice day. The kids bounced away, played in Kira's cubby and sandpit. One the swings. They'd all missed each other so much, and loved catching up again.

I went to the post office to pickup my camera, but instead of a nice big box, she handed me a little flat postpack :( I was a bit baffled as to what it was, so I opened it up and.... my DH bought me private number plates for the new car LOL. Don't know if I can put what it is up here, but it's what I wanted, and it's just three initials. Problems was, they are the wrong size. They were supposed to be slim line ones, and they came as standard size, so now we are waiting again for the new ones to come.

** cranky mumma update:
The roof is still not bird proofed. I suppose he had a point, that getting on the roof in torrential rain and high winds was probably not the best idea, and then tonight I went to the gym so he couldn't really do that and watch the boys. But my 14 day deadline is NOT budging!! Fixed properly in 14 days! That's 12 more to go.

However I can now get TWO cars in the garage :) (my old & my new, he doesn't put his work car in there)

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Cass said...

Glad to hear you can get a couple of cars in the garage now. :)
Good luck with the bird proofing. I think a 14 day deadline is perfectly reasonable.
Have a great day!