Sunday, September 30, 2007

Interuption to the programming

To bring you a CRANKY mumma update!
I think I'm a pretty tollerant wife and mumma. I get told A LOT that I am. VERY tollerant. But this mumma has now had ENOUGH!

In March it will be four years we have lived in this house. Granted, it wasn't finished when we moved in, and it's still not. That's ok with me. I'm happy to wait and do things. To do them once and do it right, rather than shortcut and not be happy with it. It's something we both agreed on when we started this whole house building adventure (almost FIVE years ago!)

I can live without carpet/flooring.
I can live without the wardrobes being finished.
I can live without the shelf that's missing from the cupboard under my sink.
I suppose I can live for a little while longer with the weeds and mess out the front.



We had our first pigeon nest while our house was still a frame. We thought it was cute. We soon got sick to death of it. The mess, the bird poo, the noise. And lets not even talk about when one dies in the summer heat. And lets definatly not bring up what happens then.

Now I realise this may be offensive to some, but if you are as jacked off with pigeons as I am, you'll understand. Last year while our neighbours were away, we were feeding their cat. Skye knew where her dinner was comming from, and she often came over to visit our garden. On afternoon, while I was particularly jacked off with the pigeons I suggested Brett put the cat in the roof. Immediatly our house was filled with a thunder like roar, as she bolted through the roof. There was an almightly clatter, and a cloud of feathers exploded from the holes above our porch, along with lots of pigeons. Skye loved chasing them away, and it was a daily thing to see here up on our roof. Her presence alone stopped the birds from nesting and they must have found new homes somewhere else.

Two weeks ago, Skye was hit by a car and died :(

The bloody pigeons are back.

I gave Brett till this afternoon to get the roof sealed off, or I'm calling another builder tomorrow morning. After discussion with Scotty, he has till tonight for it to be temporarily sealed off, and 13 more days for Scotty to do it PROPERLY!

So while I'm cracking my whip, and having a hissy fit I'm laying out demands all over the place. (let me just add that I am more than happy to just do this myself, or organise a tradie to come do it)
Four years is long enough!
TODAY the roof needs to be birdproofed!
13 more days and it needs to be FINISHED OFF
The THREE car garage, needs to be able to get AT LEAST *one* car in it!

By the end of this year I want-
Liam's bed finished and in his room
All of the wardrobes done (excluding ours - it's done)
The spare bed back in the spare room and the room cleaned up
The front garden landscaped

I started to do the front garden today. He wants to do it over his Christmas holidays. (Even if the ground is going to be rock hard, it's mid summer, and we are not allowed to water!)
He has 11 weeks.

Cranky mumma signing off! Going to go find my patience and tollerence again
** If you think I sound selfish, cos I just bought a new camera - (for work), and a car - (even though I had NO clue I was getting a car, or seriously ask for it), then don't worry - someone else here thinks the same - and I'm sure he'd like to think he's not alone in thinking that ;) As I said. I'm CRANKY!

OK, off to find my happy beans :)


carolyne said...

i'll chime in that i want my %&$#@^%$ extension finished that was started last christmas - everyone comes before us (maybe it's got something to do with hubby being the builder and other jobs help pay for ours to be touched) but since you are having a hissy fit, i'll have one with you.......maybe we need another girls weekend away????

Megan said...

Ohh that sucks. Gotta hate pigeons. Hope it gets sorted out this weekend for you.

Lisa said...

Oh Katie ... Your Cranky beans have given me the laughing beans. ( up until the poor cat died LOL).
Hope all goes to plan and the odd jobs finally get finished. Nearly ten years since we built and we still have jobs to do ........

Cheers Lisa

Anonymous said...

Your not alone. All mums get cranky and frustrated. If your normally very tolerant I commend and congratulate you Katie.

My husband will confirm I could easily win an award for being a cranky frustrated mumma :)

I would't like pigeons living in my roof either. Wishing you all the best getting rid of them ASAP.

No good about Skye the cat dying, poor pussy cat.

If it makes you feel any better we have a list of things that this house needs doing too and a lot of them haven't been done since we moved in here in 2002. I have days where I can't stand waiting for things to be finished either.

Hoping that your week improves. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrap Pile.

kathie said...

I'm hearin' ya sista!
I had my meltdown a couple of weeks ago and another minor hissy fit last night. It's hard living in a half finished house. It's even harder, let me tell you, knowing that once it's finished and finally just how you want/need it to be, you'll move and end up in another dump without anything at all!
Hope that some of those things on your list get finished soon :)

Sarah said...

CRanky pants are allowed to be on Katie. I know just how patient you are..

It must be one of those days..seriously.

Good luck for getting the job done!!! I hoped he managed to evacuate the pigeons and seal up the roof...
Take care

Jess said...

I think you have the patience of a saint, and I would have had a major meltdown a LONG time ago! I agree with Carolyne, another girls weekend is definitely required. Hope you're pigeon free soon. The guy who lives the other side of the lane beside our house feeds them in the laneway and I hate, hate, HATE them!


Rowena said...

Oh Katie LOL
I'm scared! I hope you scared some others into action for you too :)

Leanne Stamatellos (lili saint) said...

You are so hysterical !
You have me laughing my head off with all that talk - although I must say i am a little scraed of you now - hehehe.
I can relate to the garage - still only 1 car in ours too and we've been here 3 years - let's see if we can break your record.

natalie michelmore said...

You go girl!! can I borrow you and your cracking whip for a while as I have unfinished jobs here as well - my hubby knows only to well about my hissy fits!! Good luck with everything!

Janelle Wind said...

LOL - sometimes it is the little things that tip us over the edge hey! We have a dripping tap that WILL NOT STOP and it is driving me insane - not to mention, no proper bathroom, unpolished floorboards, a kitchen that needs painting, a studio to renovate blah blah blah - but it is the dripping tap that drives me NUTS so you be as cranky as you like!!!! I hope it helps - for me, a sledge hammer is looking pretty inviting!

x Janelle

Rachel said...

Um, can you get a new cat? LOL

(very sad about poor Skye though)


Karen L said...

Seems like so many of us are in the same boat. I have a list of jobs here also - my lounge doors were taken off their hinges back in 2001 and I am still waiting for them to be finished and re connected. Don't even start me on the other jobs that need to be completed. Must be a MAN thing. Haven't got pidgeons in the roof though - don't think I would cope with that one, and I think you have the patience of a saint to only have a hissy fit now.

marie said...

you go girl