Saturday, September 29, 2007

School holidays #5

Bit late with this one. Brett had me out in the garage till 2am... fitting a spoiler to the new car of all things. We dropped a clip, and searched EVERYWHERE for it, but couldn't find it. Seriously, we were under the car with torches searching the insides of the bumpers and everything. At least it's done now. And it does look spunky.

Day five. Easy day again - the boys went out to Brett's parents for the day while I did a photoshoot. Possibly the most gorgeous pregnant girl I have every seen. Gorgeous. I sure didn't look like that preggers. Then again, with non-stop vomiting, and a seperated pelvis, there wasnt' much hope I'd look anything other than crap while I was pregnant. Back to school holidays. I droped them off early, came home and didn the shoot, got the grocery shopping done while I was kidless. Didn't want to drive all the way to Aldi, so I just did a Safeway shop. Geez, the prices are amazingly different! Should have driven back to Aldi, the saving FAR outway the petrol to get there. Back home, unpacked the shopping, and headed off to pick up the boys. Got home, checked the mail, and there was a parcel pickup card in there. Whoooo Hoooo must be my camera. I'm sure I'd had it sent to Brett's work, but there is nothing else we are waiting on, so it must be it. Checked the clock... MISSED THE POST OFFICE BY 5 MINUTES! And it's a Friday. I have to wait ALL weekend, knowing my new camera is only a few km's away, and I can't get to it :(

Made some yummy pizza from scratch. Pizza base and all. Delish! Typed up an artical for SoF newsletter, and helped Brett with the spoiler. That's it.

Another free day $0.00
I'll have to find some things to spend money on at this rate!

This morning Brett's taken the boys into work with him, and I just did another shoot. I hoped last year that I'd be able to do one a week. I'm doing 3-4 up until Christmas. Busy, but good. Need to add about 10 shoots to the photoblog. So busy churning through them I need to stop and upload some.

Have a great day. We are off to a Birthday/grandfinal BBQ at friends place.


Sarah said...

I know Sharon looks amazing ... I can't wait to see her pics, i am sure they will be divine....

Well done to keeping to that budget katie. I agree ALDI rocks..Love it to bits

Take care

Tara said...

Did you find the clip?

Rowena said...

You sound so organised Katie *sigh*. You are a good wife hubby would also be out in the shed fitting a spoiler, but i wouldnt venture in there!
Look forward to the photography article. I want to learn LOTS from you!!