Thursday, September 27, 2007

School holidays #4

Day four. We set off early for Rosebud today (covering all areas of the Peninsula aren't we). Met Nat, Hayden and Caitlin at Rosebud library for Jungle Time! The stories were great, and the reader absolutly FANTASTIC! Such a great way with the kids. After playing some songs on her guitar for the kids to sing along to, playing some games and reading some stories, we headed off to 'the big room' for crocodile crafts. We left there, played a little musical carseats as Hayden and Liam decided they wanted to come in my car, but Ethan and Caitlin wanted to come in Nats. Packed everyone in to some sort of carseat and headed to the park. It's Caitlin's 3rd birthday today, so we gave her her pressie, munched on some sleepy teddy biscuits (that Ange showed us on SoF) and the kids played, climbed, ran, chased, swung, slid, followed, squealed and laughed. And Nat and I sat and chatted at a table right nearby. We only needed to get up a few times, they were all so happy to play together. We knew it was lunchtime when our tummies started grumbling, so we headed back to Nat's, via the fish and chip shop, as we were craving chippies (and I couldn't be bothered to pack lunches today). Played musical chairs again... all the kids wanted to sit in the 'back, back' seat in our car, so Liam, Hayden and Caitlin did, and Ethan went in Nat's car, so happy to be sitting in Caitlin's carseat. Bit like toys I think, where someone elses is always more fun.

Back and the Nattie house they ate lunch, jumped on the trampoline, ran around and dressed up. I was supposed to do the Aldi shop while I was there, but it was getting late, the kids were tired, and Aldi does my head in on a good day. There was no way I'd make it out of there with even a scrap of sanity, so we gave it a miss today.

Back home for the usual. Ethan napped, Liam watched 1hr of DVD, I did 1hr of work.

No photos from today.

Cost: Library, park, play with friends: $0.00
Chips: $3.00


carolyne said...

yeah you made a dint in the $50-good for you. keep up the great mummy work. hugs.

Megan said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time together.

welcome to my world said...

hay there katie

glad to hear the school hols are keeping you all busy. How good is the hastings forshore for a day out. chat soon

connie said...

you guys are sure keeping busy....
hope all is well