Wednesday, September 26, 2007

School holidays #3

Day three :) We had a fun day today. We met up with Jane (and Chloe and Luke) and Sarah (and Bec and Harry) at the Frankston Foreshore Park. The kiddos burned some energy at the park (fantastic park!) before asking for some snacks. We grabbed a table, spread out our feasts and the kids tucked in. Whipped out the cameras - we looked like the paparatzi. Others must have thought out kids were famous or something, with us all covering every angle, snapping away while they played LOL. Then we headed down to the beach. It was pretty cold, but that didn't stop our kids from taking off their shoes and socks and having a paddle. We snapped some beautiful shots between us all. The light was just devine. Although our kids haven't seem much of each other, the times we have managed to get together, they just played so well. They are such a beautiful group of kids. (cos they have such gorgeous mummas ;) )

As we were starting to pack up, the rain just started spitting. By the time we got home it was just starting to rain, and five minutes later is was raining, and continued to rain the rest of the day. Ethan napped, Liam watched half a movie, and I finished off some work. Poppy dropped in to say hello, and then it was pretty much time to start dinner.

Cost today: $0.00

I'll leave you with a few fave piccies from today :)
The boys skimming stones
Gorgeous little Harry
Our mob all together (amazing how colour co-ordinated they all ended up being!)
Ethy's little tootsies - Awwwwww. (love that he's pulling up his pants too. Normal for him now there are no nappies.
Chloe (make sure you notice the seagul! I was waiting for that thing to fly into the frame!!)
How DEVINE is the light. Looks like sunset, not midday.

Thanks for a great day girls. Loved spending time with you both


carolyne said...

love the photo's k....

Jasmine said...

Sounds like your holiday plan is working - I bet the boys (and you) are having a ball :)

LOVE those beach photos - absolutely gorgeous!

Beverley said...

Those photos are seriously gorgeous! When I grow up I want to take photos like that! Any chance of doing an on-line photography tutorial???? I'm enjoying your holiday ideas too.

Katie said...

Hi it's the other Katie from SOF!

Wow your photography is amazing! And if I ever have kids then I'll know who to go to for school holiday ideas! Your holiday plan is definitely working! Your kids must be having a ball! I reckon the stuff you do for free is often the most fun stuff!

Katie :)

jane fitchett said...

we had fun too :):)
thanks for the tips:)

Mardi said...

ohh these are just gorgeous shots Katie....Ive just admired some more of them on Janes blog looks as though you had a wonderful holiday time.
Mardi x