Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School holidays #2

Day two of the school holiday challenge. Don't know about the kiddo's but I'm exhausted! (they are too)

Set off early for Hastings this morning. Got there a little earlier than we needed to be, so they boys had a play and run around at Hastings park, before we headed over to the library, for some craft activities with the local rangers. They used lots of leaves, seedpods, flowers etc to make paintings. They had fun, and it was soooo nice knowing I didn't have to do the clean up.

From there we headed back over to the park for some lunch (or part of it), a quick play, run and climb, and then they wanted to go swimming. So in to Pelican park for a swim, slide etc. We were in the water for 2hrs.

Back outside, finished off our chocolate truffles on the beach while we watched the pelicans. The boys had a little run around chasing seagulls and then we headed home ;) They just wanted to climb into their carseats and finish off their lunch. About 1 minute after I started driving (hadn't even left the carpark! and Ethan was asleep with his sandwich hanging out of his mouth LOL)

As we pulled into our street, Liam's head was doing the "I'm asleep, no I'm not" wobble. Put Ethan straight into bed for a nap, popped a DVD on for Liam, and I did my hour of work. Worked perfectly to plan ;) And there were no arguments at bedtime tonight either.

Cost: Library, park and beach $0.00
Swimming total $6.80

I have some piccies, but they are on my P&S and I'm too tired to download at the moment, so I'll add to this post later.


carolyne said...

i'm looking forward to seeing how this challenge ends - love it. hugs.

Nat-Mardon said...

You're doing well Katie!! So far so am I.. but, giggle, its coz Jai hasn't been here - he's having his two grandparent's visits (my Ps and his father's) in the first week, so he's hardly here!! I will have to do some more planning for next week though, but we're going to take him to practice riding his bike and GET OFF the training wheels!! (yes, he's nearly 7, shoicking huh - he just never rides)