Tuesday, September 25, 2007

School holidays #1

OK, going to try really hard to keep up with our holiday activities. My aim for these holidays is to keep the boys so busy that there is no time for squabling and bickering ;) And... to see if we can provide entertainment for two weeks without spending more than $50. So here we go with day one:

Easy day for entertaining the kids today... they were not here. I had a photo shoot, so I dropped them off at mums early. They then met up with my sister, Aidan and Bethany for a play at the park, followed by another play at my sisters, before I picked them up and bought them home. No pics for today, because they were not with me. Well I have LOTS of pics, but not of MY boys :)

Cost: $0.00

Day two, is going to be bussier.


connie said...

What a great challenge to set yourself Katie....

wish i could Join in with you... but we have already blown the %50 budget... with the showbags...lol


Leanne Stamatellos said...

best wishes with the budget - that is pretty amazing !

Love the new car, love the new camera ... you must just love that wonderful husband of yours a heap!

carolyne said...

well we blew that $50 just to enter the show....then triple that on the way out. ha!!!! it's a lot easier when they are young katie. enjoy it while it lasts. hugs.