Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some snaps from this week

Ethan has taken to climbing up onto the bench when I'm not looking. He uses the handles on the draws as a ladder. So while I was putting the washing machine on this week I came back to the kitchen to see the little Ethy-bug perched high up in his special spot... creating a taste sensation.

Mmmmmm yummy (?) Sultana/fruit juice punch. You want the directions. Take (mummy's) glass of fruit juice, tip in (child's) box of sultanas. Give it a good mix with a spoon (make sure you splash it around everywhere) and drink it up. When you are sick on the flavour, use the spoon to remove the sultanas from the glass, pile them all over the bench. You can come back and eat those once you have finished the juice.
Look at that cheeky little face, when he realises he's busted sitting on the bench!
Sunday was Brett's mum's birthday so we had dinner here for them, and also Dave and Sally (Brett's sister). On the spur of the moment, after dinner, we decided to pop Hannah into the studio and take a few quick piccies. Isn't she precious. Can you believe she's 15mths already!

And I just had to snap this one. I am pretty used to working surrounded by kids these days. While I was taking Hannah's pics Ethan popped out from behind the backdrop. I tell you he is one cheeky little monster!
And then this week. Liam came out to me in the morning and told me he couldn't go to school today. When I asked him why he told me he had the chicken pox. Closer inspection revealed a very nasty case of metalic green spots on his tummy and also on the backs of his hands! Lucky that texta was pretty washable. I'll give him 10 points for creativity.


Tam said...

oh my goodness, ethan is SO cheeky and cute! and top marks to liam for originality. tee hee.

Cass said...

Love the chicken pox. Hehe... cheeky little monkey!