Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Mum had Ethan for a few hours today so I could catch up. Got some work finished off, and then decided to finish off some of the many unfinished layouts decorating my scrapdesk. And finally scan and resize those which I have had completed for a while, but still haven't shared. So while it looks like I've been scrapping up a storm, I really haven't. Just scanning up a storm :)

One about my boys hair, and the 5.5 year battle between DH and I about whether to grow it or cut it. Obviously it's in a 'grow it' stage, and I just can't wait for it to get past this shaggy stage. Thank goodness for that spray in/leave in conditioner! Who says it's for girls hair (just cos it's in a pink bottle LOL)

My little cheeky boy on the trampoline. This is one I did in under an hour for a SoF challenge set by Tam a few weeks ago. I did it one time, just didn't get it scanned/resized until now. It's a complete Bonifay lift from 2peas.

Ethan and the now quite popular 'train track' photos. (this is an old, closed train line!) The journalling refers to never walking alone when you have Jesus as part of your life.

Well well, turn this one sideways and you pretty much have exactly the same layout LOL, but do I care. No, and anyway, they go into different albums. This one is Liam's. Similar theme, but used the photos of his footprints on the beach.

Loving the WA papers. After having them in my stash for about a year, they definatly got a work out this particular weekend. Infact the two previous ones started as attempts for my Crafty Matters DT layouts, but they just were not working. In the middle of all my paper shuffling etc, I happened to plop the paper/photos down pretty much like this. It caught my eye, and I thought 'could it really be that easy?' LOL. I love the way it came out. I used the CM ceramic heart, and just smudged a little stazon around the edges with a sponge. I used my mico-tip (so fine!) pen to write the journalling around the outside. Little bit Ali-via-Carolyne inspired.

A pic I've had in my stash for a looooong time. Cracks me up the things my boy does. This time I found Liam in the bath wearing his safety vest dress up, and goggles. Maybe he was pretending it was a life jacket. He does have a life jacket... actually it's probably too small now. Inked the Scrapware black, as I was feeling too lazy to paint it, but then the ink kept smudging so I had to put a layer of Dimensional Magic over the top. Perfect size to use my large circle punch to punch some ledger paper and pop it in the middle. (I'm into handwriting now... so easy, and I'm lazy)

I love this piccy of Liam. One from a really quick, really cold photoshoot on the beach, just before dinner. He's a bit of a spunk, and such a beautiful nature, he just melts my heart. Such an easy kid to love.

I need to scrap some more piccies of Ethan. I might try and take my camera to Mainly Music tomorrow.

I've also updated the blog with some new piccies of Luke. This shoot will probably always be remembered as 'the bubble shoot' LOL. He was such a cutie, and he loved his bubbles. Thank goodness I have a bubble machine, or someone would have been hyperventalating!


Lyn Dwyer said... all these latest shares watching your boys grow up....and how grown up does Liam look now.....well i mean he is a school boy after what you have done with the CM pieces....and Scrapware.....

Anonymous said...

love viewing your pages - we need another weekend away as I haven't touched a thing since. go ali, love your take. miss ya - Carolyne

Yvette Adams said...

These are all gorgeous!!! I love them. You HAVE been scanning up a storm lol.

Tara said...

These are just all beautiful.

connie said...

great layoust Katie.. you have been busy!!

Jasmine said...

Wow Katie - more gorgeous creations from you!!! They're all so beautiful. I've had that same WA paper in my stash for AGES - might have to pull it out tonight and push it round with some photos and things ;)

Leanne Stamatellos said...

what a great selection of new layouts - you must have been busy scanning those. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts as always Katie.

Everything you make is fantastic in my book. Well done, thanks for sharing with us and getting me inspired once again.

Have a wonderful week end and keep smiling xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrap Pile.

Nat-Mardon said...

I just LOVE your simple clean style Katie!! These are so gorgeous, my 2 faves -the'matching' ones about Jesus, yay...I need to scrap something like that too - pity I don't have such GORGEOUS photos to use!!

Nat :)

Cass said...

Love the layouts. :)

Kathleen Pitt said...

totally loving your work Katie, I really adore the Walk Alone LO, I think I might have to lift that idea, just beautiful!