Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just a little update

Ethan is still waking in the night, usually around 3am. He comes into our room, but instead of getting into our bed, we made up a little 'camp bed' on the floor next to our bed. Using his old cot matress. He loves his special bed, but thankfully is still happy to originally go down to bed in his own room. He even slept through ALL night one night this week. Liam came up though, which he never does. He just wanted to have a sleep over in the little 'special' bed LOL. Hasn't bothered with it since, so I think he's satisfied that he's not missing out on a great deal.

Liam is going through a camp out stage of his own. He's prefering to sleep on the mat in his room, in Brett's sleeping bag. I'll have to work out some safe little cubby/tent thing for him. Any ideas on something that won't fall down on him during the night, or deprive him of air LOL?

Toilet training is still going sensational. Still in the pullups. I had issues with toilet training Liam. He was brilliant for the first two months, then terrible for the third month. Eventually I put him back into pullups (he'd originally gone from nappies straight to undies), and imediatly he started to tell me when he needed to go to the toilet. For this reason I decided to let Ethan take his time, and if he wasn't done by 3, then I'd work at it. Brett fell asleep on the couch the other day though, and was woken by Ethan showing him the potty (and what he'd done in it), by putting it right up to his face. Hmmm what a pleasent way to wake up LOL Do you think I could stop laughing. heehehe cheeky wife huh.

Liam's class hatched 9 baby chicks this week. The first hatched Wednesday lunchtime. By pick up time the second egg was shaking quite a bit, and starting to crack. We stayed behind 15 minutes and saw him hatch too. I was so pleased Ethan got to see it. He was amazed and so excited. He kept squeeling "it's in there" and "it's putting it's arm out!" and when if finally did make it out "look mummy - snake!" LOL Not sure where that came from. Once he realised it was infact a chick, he announced "need wash".

Brett and I are constantly amazed at Ethan's speech. He's at least a year ahead of Liam. He chatters all day long, and has such long conversations with us. Liam was very good with following instruction, and Ethan is too. I can tell him to go and get his boots and put them on. To pick up the toys and put them away... ok, so generally I have to start this one still, but if I start to pick up a few and count them as I put them in the toy box, he'll continue on with it.

I still need to book Ethan's 2yo check up... ooops, he was 2 in February!

I booked a jumping castle for Liam's birthday. We are going with a pirate theme this year.

Brett's due for another X-ray on his tooth next week. It should be good. No more signs of infection. Hopefully the X-ray won't show any. The tooth will eventually have to be removed, but as long as the infection stays away, we have some time up our sleeve to save.

I'm still very busy with work. I gave the photoblog a bit of a spruce up, with some help from Michelle... thankyou! I also updated the available dates before Christmas. I think there were 5 or 6 dates.

And last but not least:
Mark March 15th down on your calander girls, for a brilliant all day scrap fest. This year we have gone for the Saturday before Good Friday, as last year there were quite a few people who would have liked to have made it, but couldn't due to Easter committments.

There will also be oportunities for interstaters to join in. We are running some online classes over the few months before the day. I'll be doing a photoshop one! Have a bit of an idea of what I'll include, but feel free to drop me some ideas on things you'd like to know.

Keep an eye on the Crop For Kids blog to keep up to date with all the happenings.


welcome to my world said...

hay katie,
you can actually buy BED TENTS they fit over a matress like a fitted sheet and have the bendy pole things that cross over like a real tent. good luck finding one i have been searching for weeks
can't wait for the next c4k

jane fitchett said...

hey, Luke is FINALLY getting the hang of undies and pullups here too- whoo hoo- im a happy mummy! And Chloe has chicks at kinder this week too.
good to hear your work is keeping you busy- lovin the little ladybird on the photo blog

Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh poor the potty in the face .....often the second child is quicker with their speech Katie....but Ethan has Liam to learn from wheras Liam was the first and I think it's always harder on the first child.....sounds like your work is going well.....and yes.....CROP FOR KIDS will come around again sooner than we think! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for the Photoshop on-line class. You know me.....I'll be stalking you....