Saturday, August 18, 2007

Look mum!

It's a big day in the Toland house! This afternoon while I was busy working, my boys were all also busy. As I was finishing up and saying goodbye to my clients, Liam called out 'mum look at me!' I watched him ride his bike back and forth.... then it suddenly hit me! His training wheels were gone!! I asked him where they were, and he gleefully yelled out "in the bin!" as he rode another lap past me.

Yeeeee-haaaaaa! He's had that bike since his 4th birthday. He'll be 6 in November. I was saying to Brett that I really wanted to get him riding solo, so he could ride to school next year. This year we can't ride, it's too far. We have to drive. I've been a little surprised that he hasn't picked it up yet, as he has awsome balance and co-ordination. He really excells in sports and physical activities. I know it's because he just hasn't had the opportunities to practice. We live on a hill. Not the best street for practicing on. I was going to take him around the corner into one of the courts to practice... but daddy did it all. So the rest of the evening was spent with a huge walk to the shops (Liam riding, Ethan part riding - we ended up leaving E's bike with Dave the shop owner, and Brett will pick it up in the morning when he gets the paper. He hitched a shoulder ride home. Liam was fantastic. He did have a few little topples, but his ego was only bruised for a little while. We pointed out how far he'd ridden before he lost his balance etc, and talked about how he might fall off 10 times today, then only 7 tomorrow, then maybe only 3 the next day, then he might not fall off at all. He was good with that. We stopped at his 'new' school - next years one, and had a play on the equipment. We rode back home along the creek, back through the paddocks, down through the muddy creek, up the big hill...... alllllllllll the way to our house.

After a warm shower and a chicken burrito, they both happily went off to bed. Exhausted.

Tomorrow is another big day. My nephew Will's 4th birthday. We are off to Collingwood Children's farm. I'll have to take more photos... at this rate I might actually have to scrap!
I'll leave you with a pic of Ethan too - wearing my helmet ;) and daddy rescuing him from the steeep hill at the end of our street. At the end, if you don't stop you go straight over the road. I usually put the handle on Ethan's bike just so I can slow him down. The little dare-devil he is.


connie said...

OMG GO LIAM!!!.. thats so cool!!....

I will let you on a little secert Keenan only just started riding his bike 4 weeks ago with no training wheels!! and his 8..
what a super proud MUMMY moment!!!

have agreat day at the farm.. take heaps of photos OK.. i want to see some more of your stunning scrapping!!

talk soon

Anonymous said...

Way to go Liam, excellent effort!!! :)

My daughter is 7 years old and still has the training wheels attached to her bike.

As you said it's all about getting enough practice. She only got this bike last Christmas and hasn't really practiced enough yet to feel ready to take them off. It will happen all in good time.

I love those photos of Ethan being busted on the kitchen bench and
Hannah is adorable too.

Great to see so many of your wonderful photos Katie, thanks for sharing with us. Have a fun and safe week. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrap Pile.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Wow....good on Liam.......I bet he will ride every day will spur him on to other challenges stopping him goodness what an achievement......and what a cutie that Ethan is.......gotta' love that recipe......ROTFL!

Shirley Fyfe said...

Congratulations to Liam! What wonderful news! Our Adam was going through the same thing . . . he's 5 1/2 but wouldn't ride the bike because we'd taken the training wheels off - LOL He's finally doing it now - it's such a wonderful achievement for them isn't it!