Sunday, June 03, 2007

A little play today. When ever I see the sun like this, it makes me think of heaven :)

What Melbourne looks like from our place. Well not 'our PLACE' but from one of our beaches. I love that the city seems so isolated, and it seems to rise up out of the water.
And some, just because...

Have had a fantastic and frantic weekend. Photos yesterday morning, and they were FUN. Busy, but fun. (I thought so anyway LOL)... am I allowed to say more? The person involved knows what I mean ;)
After that I took off to a baby shower, which was also fun, and so nice to catch up with girls I don't get to see anywhere near enough of. THEN... we finished off the night with an 'early dinner'... that's what it was called wasn't it girls? Well it started early, but certainly didn't finish early LOL. I got home after midnight, but it was such a fantastic time. I miss my girls so much... not long to go now :)
When I did finally make it home, I walked in the door, to find my GORGEOUS DH had cleaned the house spotlessly!!! THAT MAKES A HAPPY MUMMA!!!!! This morning started off with breaky out with my boys, some shopping for new boots for Liam and Ethan. Didn't get what I wanted, but got close... which reminds me I'm missing a photo up there ^ . Off to my sisters for Aidan's 5th birthday party, them home. Oh, and a spot of photo takin' in between all that. Have lots of work to do, both scrapping and photog, so may be a few days before you hear from me again. - What's new you ask? LOL


~*Gems*~ said...

Wow! Absolutely amazing photos! xxx

Mardi said... sad to read your earlier posts...I hope you find the balance and continue to blog...I always love to gain some inspiration from your gorgeous work... and photography....just like those shots from the beach...just beautiful
Mardi x

Lyn Dwyer said...

Love all these pics the skyline above the water.......just's so magic really isn't it?
Sounds like you had a busy but FUN glad that you LOVE what you do.....that's important.....don't let others pull you down....just keep on keeping on girl! Love that you share your wonderful creations on are one talented lady!I also love to leave comments on here....

Lydell said...

Gorgeous Photos Katie!
and Love the new SS LO...But I always love yours!
Just read your last few posts, hope your little fellow is recovering well.
Hope you are good too. Its a shame about all the 'yuck' that goes on. You don't need to prove yourself. Your photos speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I often think of heaven when I see the sky that way too Katie.

Those photos are brilliant, I love your creative ideas:)

So glad you have had a fun week end and coming home to a clean house, wow what a lucky lady you are having such a great husband.

I couldn't even convince my man to wash up last night and I wasn't impressed!

Have a fun and safe week ahead. Thanks for sharing, I love reading your news and seeing your photos.

From Susan (smiles1965) on Scrap Pile.

Sofi said...

Love all the photos Katie~ especially the first one.

Can't believe how grown up Liam is looking.

Megan said...

These photos are just gorgeous.
Glad you had a good weekend. Was great to catch up with you.

connie said...

i so love these photos of the boys no. 6 super CUTIE!!!


Jody said...

Wow Katie your work never ceases to amaze me.

If only I had half your talent.