Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Latest Scrapbook Station layout

Just because I don't want the crappy post to be the last one... here's a layout :) It's for Scrapbook Sation (see the links that now work! LOL). The layout had to be inspired by something. Mine was inspired by Ethan's hat.


Jasmine said...

I LOVE that layout Katie :) Ethan looks adorable ;) I love how you are able to include hearts and flowers in your work and it still looks boyish - very cool.

I don't care how you learnt to take beautiful photos - the fact is you DO! If only I was in Melbourne *sigh*, I'd definitley be booking a shoot or a hundred with you LOL!

Tam said...

LOVE it! Love that splash of red with the neutrals. Beautiful.

jane fitchett said...

oh, I love this layout!
and ive been lucky enough to see it in real life too :)

Nic Wood said...

I just adore this LO Katie.its stunning!

Nic xxx

Lyn Dwyer said... this latest layout.....I have just got much has happened in your are such a lovely honest blogger with a heart of gold....I for one miss my Katie fix each don't stop blogging Katie!
You have acheived so much and should be proud of your efforts....I really admire your willingness to learn and teach yourself and the way in which you are happy to help others....

Merriyank said...

Hey Katie,
Just catching up with your news. Hope everyone is mending and life settles down. Great LO btw. And the photos look fantastic. Sorry to hear you have had some problems with the business side of things. Don't let it wear you down or change the "You" in you. It's just one of the unfortunate disadvantages of being a kind and helpful soul that some people take advantage of.
Cheers - Maree

Karen L said...

Katie - I am so sad to hear that you have had hassles with the business side of your photography too - being self taught certainly doesn't make you any less a photographer. My BIL was self taught, and he won some big international competitions - your photos are gorgeous and if I lived closer I would certainly be booking in for some photos too.
Love your layout on Ethan too - Love the simplicity - it is very striking. Just gorgeous work.