Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just to clarify

Please don't feel bad that you pop in here. I am happy to have you all look into my little slice of life. I'm glad I provide inspiration to you with my scrapping... goodness knows I am lacking anything inspiring scrapwise lately. Scrapbooking will always be a hobby for me. I have no intentions to turn it in to anything more. I love my DT spots and they give me the perfect oportunity to scsrap, and make me keep up to date (ish). I have been asked to teach by quite a few places, and although I did teach for quite a while before having Ethan, and while pregnant with him, I just don't want to concentrate my efforts there. I want to scrap when I want, about what I want. That's the point of a hobby isn't it?

It's more the business side of things. That is, the photography side of things. Yes I am self taught. No I have never gone to uni and studdied photography. I have looked into it, but never managed to find the right course for me. I knew what I wanted to learn, and what I didn't want to learn. So I taught myself. It doesn't mean I have put in any less effort. I have spent YEARS reading, learning and putting the theory into practice until I *got it*. A LOT of other photogs that you see around blogs - especially scrapbook related ones, are also self taught. It makes them no less of a photographer. Infact it probably means we had to search even further and try even harder. We haven't had someone hand us the information we needed. We've had to work out what it is we want to learn, then go out and find the info. Weed through the other stuff, to find the little nuggets of info we really wanted and needed. I say 'we' but I mean I (don't want to go speaking for anyone else). I haven't had anyone walk in and tell me how to set up a studio. For that matter, even finding out what equipment I needed and where to get it was pretty hard. But I persevered and worked it out. It was about a year ago now when the TNT truck made it's first arrival in my driveway, and the courier unloaded about six boxes into my enterence hall. I remember opening each box to have a little peek inside, then closing them up again - too scared to actually touch them, and having NO IDEA how this all REALLY went together. But, we worked it out.

I have enjoyed sharing my work on the net from the very first (crappy!) pics LOL. It's been wonderful to have such amazing support and encouragement from all my online friends.

The down side to putting my photos and work related info on the net, has been copying. I am happy to inspire people, and quite thrilled really that someone would think enough of my work to be inspired by it. But I do have a business to run, and a business to protect. When a person/persons uses the info they can obtain about me and my business from the internet, and uses that in an attempt to directly become my oposition, it makes me frustrated and sad. There is a fine line between inspiration and duplication, and some people just need to watch that and respect the information I put out there.

For that (longwinded) reason, my photog posts will become a bit more vague, and anyone wanting details about certain shoots etc will have to (and are welcome to) email me. That way I know who is getting what info KWIM?

OK? Case closed? Lets hope so. On with happier times :)


Tam said...

I do sympathise, Katie. I've never posted anything worth copying (LOL) but I am very conscious of how much personal information is floating around. I hope you can feel better about what you put out there.

jane fitchett said...

here, here
baby :):):)

Megan said...

Sorry that sucky stuff has been going down.
I love looking at your stuff - both scrapping and photography and you certainly inspire me.

I am so hanging to pop this bub out so i can come and see you for a photo session. I'll be calling you from the labor ward to make a booking!! LOL!!

Nic Wood said...

Sorry to hear that youve been dealing with crap like this Katie.

Nic xxx
PS - Im sure you have never taken a "crappy" photo in your life!!!

Lisa said...

Please know how many people admire and respect your hard work and talented eye. Unfortunately it is always the minority who leave us with a sour feeling for life.
I for one alway love to pop in and check out what another mum of boys gets up to. Hope the *other* business has charma come to visit.