Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Can't have one without the other...

Seeing as I had a mini photoshoot with Liam on Sunday night, it was Ethan's turn today. Don't worry, these train tracks were locked. No trains today!

Happy birthday wishes to Miss Jane, and Ruey! We went out for lunch today to celebrate, and had a great day. Even managed to make it back in time to pick up Liam from school... just ;)
Liam also changed swimming lessons to Tuesdays. He has been in the same level for a year, and wasn't progressing. I'm not a pushy mumma who demands excellence or anything, but I am paying a FORTUNE for swimming lessons, and I think it's a combination of him and the teachers. I think after a year, they should be doing something to help his progression. He had been in a group with a male teacher and three other boys. I changed him to a group with a female teacher, and today he did much better. Not so much mucking around etc. As I was sitting watching him, one of the other mums started to chat to me, and I was saying how he'd just moved groups. She told me, that if they are in the same level for 32 weeks, you get one free extra lesson a week until they go up to the next level! GREAT! Thanks for telling me that Pool Staff! I had a big talk to them last week and was ready to pull him out and just stop the swimming lessons all together, or to change pools. They looked him up on the computer and had a good chat to me, but failed to tell me that, or that after doing his school swimming, he was actually moved up a group. Confusing I know. He did 6 weeks of swimming with school. At the end they gave him the certificate for the next level. When I take him in there privatly, they continued to keep him in the previous level. So I questioned both that and the free lesson thing today... they are having him assessed again next week, and will most likely put him up a level. Gee it annoys me when places offer special deals like that, but don't tell you about it until you bring it up!
Need to get back to work and get through these photos, and also get on top of my DT committments. Sorry Janine & Ange... I will get there! Soon.


Sarah M said...


Sorry I missed lunch today... Blahhh sick kids...Grrrrr

See you Soonish
Take care

Tam said...

Aw, beautiful piccies of your cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrap Pile here again.

More brilliant photos Katie. I really wish I had 1/4 of your talents. Ethan looks so cute.

I can understand your swimming lesson drama. The same thing happened to my daughter Amanda.

She had been attending swimming lessons every Saturday morning for over a year and did not seem to be progressing either.

Part of the problem was that her class had too many students and the teacher could not spend enough time with each of them during the one hour lesson.

After a year I pulled Amanda out as I was sick of paying $11.00 per lesson when the teacher only spent about 10 minutes quality time with her.

While Amanda can not swim perfectly she does know how to get to the edge of a pool and keep afloat.

We spend a lot of time swimming in my mums pool during the summer months so she still gets to practice, which is good. Maybe after winter is over I will enroll her at another pool and try a few more lessons.

Sorry to rave on, lol. Have a great day. From Susan

PS: Have you scrapped any photos of your niece yet. I'd love to see some girlie layouts.

Lyn Dwyer said...

love these latest pics Katie.....

Yvette Adams said...

These pics are so beautiful. :)

Carol said...

The photos are absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing them with us...and it was really wonderful going through your post...have a great time!!!!

Felicity said...

Hi Katie it was great to see you again at Rueys Birthday lunch - I am sorry I didnt get to spend much time chatting with you. I must say - You really do have a fantastic talent with your photography - Your work always blows me away. I so adore the photos of your little man.