Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still more photos.

While I'm sitting here yawning my head off, I may as well keep adding photos. So come take a virtual tour with me :)

One more of Brett in his bar. Checking out how much we went through I think! LOL.

The way in... The driveway is on the left. We put up those lanterns that you fill with oil and light to lead people in through the back gate, instead of through the house. Those banana palms went in in November and were tiny. There were like, four leaves on them. They will get huge, and we will walk under the folage eventually. They do need a trim now though. Brett built a boardwalk from the driveway, down beside the garage, to the back. As usual he did a beautiful job.

When you get to the end of the boardwalk, there is a brush fence, and you have to turn left. And you are here. That is the water feature they build over easter. Water pumps up behind the tin, fills a tray at the top, then spills over and trickles down the tin, into the pond. We have fish, reeds, water lillies, and something mum gave us... water cabbages/or lettuce or something? We fenced the open end of the pond with glass, to kiddy proof it. Not sure if you can see it there. Straight ahead is the bar deck, and the french doors into my studio.

A clearer angle of the water feature/pond, and the glass sliding doors into the garage.
Gosh, I had to stop and think with this one. It's taken from the bar, looking out at the centre deck. See those beer bottles on the railing at the left. That's where the double sliding glass doors are into the meals area. The big plants there are birds of paradise. Better point out the speakers too. The white boxes up near the roof. They put them in while building, so all the wiring in hidden. We like to play chillin' music through the ipod on them.
Tthis photo is taken from outside the laundry door on the kiddy deck, looking back at the centre deck. That huge plant is one happy banana! It's growing so fast!! The table/webber are from dinner. We served the meat from the spit and salads etc at the table, and had baked pototoes in the webber. Yum, makes me hungry again just thinking of it. This deck is usually the kiddy area. They have a sandpit, and alltheir toys here, but they love to ride their bikes in laps around all the decks. The boardwalks are like bridges to them. Instead of putting steps from this deck, we decided to do a ramp. Makes access easier into the house, for things like furniture etc, and the kids can get their bikes/toy car up and down easily. They love to race down it and across the grass at the bottom.
Last one for now. From the back corner looking back across the centre deck, and the bar deck is beyond that. We put down some old carpet underlay stuff over the dirt/mud for the party. Still need to work on the grass bit.

So that is us up to now. Our house... well the back garden anyway. It's not extravegant, but we LOVE it. It's been a long time comming as we have done EVERYTHING in this entire house ourselves. But we made the decision when we first decided to sell our first house, and do this, that we would go without, until we could do what we really wanted. Inside there is still a lot to do, and this years projects, at least the first half of the year, have now been put off until Brett's tooth gets fixed. Then we'll be back into saving for projects again. Until then... I love everything about it so far. I have one clever hubby. Lucky gal huh :)

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Yvette Adams said...

I LOVE your backyard. Congratulations on doing it yourselves, with help. :) It looks SO fantastic.