Saturday, May 12, 2007

Party pics.

Just a few. I didn't take many, partly because I was busy, and partly because I was having too much fun. And please don't take notice of the standard of the pics. I didn't want to stress so I just put the camera on auto and snapped a few.
OK, excpet for the first one. Had to do that on manual to get it to look right.

The first one is the view from our centre deck. Here the back garage door is up, but it was closed on the night. Inside the garage is "club shak it!" The wall there has black plastic on it, with Happy Birthday BT, and Club Lounge spray painted onto it. (Nat I will do some photos of the house for you. I have some of the garden and the garage set up that I took the next morning. I'll add them soon)

Inside. Our kitchen, looking over to the family room (green wall) and meals area (blue wall - ...not for much longer though) We moved the table to the middle of the room, so there was more room to come in and out of the doorway. There are double sliding doors in the meals area onto the centre deck. You can just see a glimps here of my couches that mum recovered for me. The beigy suede on the left. That's my neice Hannah, asleep in the pram under that pink blanket :) Awwww so cute - you'll just have to believe me on that one.

The Club Shak It dance floor! Complete with smoke machine. I used the flash in all of these pics, so you can't really see the way it was accuratly. There were those wizzy coloured lights that spin around, flashing strobes, black light fluros, mirror balls. Brett ripped up lots of little pieces of reflex paper and stattered them all over the ground and they glowed under the lights.

Scotty (deck extrodinare!) in the middle, Maz his beautiful wife, who helped me a lot, and Mick, Scotty's BIL (DJ, light and smoke machine master!)
Mazzy having a great time all by herself ROFL. Just kidding ;)

Me and Maz. And the groovers and shakers in the background. OK, so the only time I took the camera out, for the whole three minutes... I was with Maz and Scotty :)
The morning after photos:
The dance floor (thanks Scotty!) and the lounge which I am not sure where that came from. Taken from the bottom of the stairs/outside the toilet.

Micks table (music/lights/smoke) on the left, plastic hung up over the workshop area which was full of stuff that is usually in the garage. Excuse the toilet door being open there! Glass sliding door leads out onto the bar deck, next to the bar.

Brett in his bar (birthday present!) He and scotty built it themselves. There is a round sink on the other side, and a glass doored bar frideg under the bench. There are french doors just to the right of the photo, which lead into my studio, which should be the formal lounge/dining. The sliding door into the garage is just to the left of this photo, then the water feature is on the other side of that. Those photos will be in the next post.


Megan said...

Looks like an awesome time was had by all Katie. The place looks so good!

connie said...

WOW what a party... Brett you are a very lucky man!!... Happy 30th birthday!!....