Sunday, May 27, 2007

New places

We were on the hunt for some cool locations for photos. I had Liam all bribed up and ready to go. If he let me take some pics of him, we could then go to Aidan's for a visit. He agreed - he's been busting to see Aidan for a while (his cousin). We WERE looking for industrial areas. Cool textures, and colours. Good spaces. Good light. We didn't really find anything too appealing, although I also decided I couldn't really be bothered at the time LOL. We did however find this spot. Does it look pretty? It was serously in a dingy spot! On the edge of an industrial area. Oh how the right angles can make all the difference! That first pic of Liam, there is a stream down the bottom. Shouldn't have shot quite so open, and kept it a little more in focus. Next time. And next time we won't dress in the superman top... we were looking for grungy industrial areas remember.

Snapped one or two of Ethan just quickly.
And I just had to laugh at this one. It's screaming out to be scrapped. "I'll be with you in one minute" LOL

Quick one today. I'm so tired. I've had Ethan in my bed for the last few nights, and I never sleep well with kids in my bed. Liam totally understands when I tell him he has to sleep in his own bed because mummy gets cranky if she doesn't sleep well LOL. Last night I did have both of them in with me, and Brett slept in Liam's bed... which is still the double bed at the moment. Their new beds have arrived, but we need to paint them and still get the matresses. No rush there.

As you can see from the pics, Ethan is recovering well. He occasionally stops and says "tummy ache" or "ooooow sore tummy", but in general he's doing really well. We go back to see the surgeon later this week.

Now on with the washing and house cleaning! OH does this house need a clean. It gets so messy so fast. I've been at my sisters and she's been whinging about how messy her house is - it's pretty much spotless. Maybe a few toys on the floor here and there. I have 30sq of MESS. 30sq of mopping to do! That's a bugger of a thing. Will be nice if we ever do put carpet down to not have to mop so much. I am pretty lucky though. Mopping is one of the worst things for my pelvis (will that ever repair itself?!), so I can usually talk Brett into doing it for me. Wish me luck :)


Tam said...

LOL. Love that pic of Ethan! And totally sympathetic about the housework.

And hey, your pelvis might improve once you hit menopause - now THERE'S something to look forward to ;)

connie said...

Love them photos Katie... this is why i admire your work so much!!! stunning...

Happy to hear tThat Ethan is doing much better.. hay when you have finished your floors wanna do i dont have 30sq.. but i come close... feel your pain!!!

take care...



I'm so glad to hear about Ethan - it is the hardest thing to watch them go into an operation and not feel terrified. I'm glad it's over and he is recovering.
Hope you are well and that the housework doesn't get to you - I know exactly where your'e coming from. By the way, gorgeous pics of the boys.

Lisa said...

Katie - Housework is such a chore - no matter how many times it is done - my boys always"find" more for me to do. LOL
Just love the effect you have done on these pics. The "glow" on them is very alluring - really draws me into the pic.
Take Care, Lisa