Friday, May 25, 2007

My little champ :)

Just before 6.30am, in the car on the way to hospital.
After checking in, going through all the paperwork etc, they put numbing cream onto his hands so it wouldn't hurt for the needles to go in. They then covered the clear patch on that with a bandages.
That lasted all of about 7 minutes! He didn't like having his hands strapped up AT ALL! After that anoyed him, he also decided he was darn annoyed that he was thirsty and no one would give him a drink! And while he was at it, he wanted a biscuit!! Poor thing. Can not blame him at all. Liam was also such a little champ, as he also had to fast... out of sympathy! If Ethy couldn't eat, then Liam couldn't very well eat in front of him. After we got settled, I sneaked Liam out for a hot chocolate and some breaky. I have to say I am so proud of Liam, he was so well behaved. He sat quietly, watched the goings on, watched ABC Kids, coloured in his colouring book, read some stories, played with his toy (he had his backpack well supplied!)

Well I might be biased, but I just had to put this one in cos I think my hubby is pretty dark spunky in scrubs LOL ;) Agree?
Not sure who looks more scared here. Still waiting, but almost ready to go. Ethan is going through a real 'daddy's boy' stage at the moment, so we both agreed it would be best for Brett to go in with him.
Waving goodbye to mummy and Liam. About this time mummy started crying :( But trying not to, because of Liam. I didn't want him to think there was anything to be scared about.
Ethy's gown? Yes he *should* have one on, but it was going to be at a price... like having the sound barrier broken! There was NO WAY he was wearing that. EVER. LOL Brett took him in, they layed him on the bed and gave him the gas. Brett said it was only a few seconds and his eyes rolled back and he was out. Brett then came out, and we ducked over to the coffee shop then quickly hurried back. We had lots of time, we just didn't want to not be there if they needed us. We were only 50 meters away though, if that. It all went well. They cut his abdomen, poked his intestines back through the hole in his muscles, and stitched the 'faulty' muscle back together. He has internal stitches, then over the wound he has synthetic skin. Fancy stuff these days. The skin is really like plastic, and will wear off over the next few days/week.
About 40 minutes later they wheeled his bed back out to us. This huge bed, with little tiny him snuggled up one end of it. All surrounded by pillows. He was just starting to come around. As he heard out voices, he woke up... then went a little balistic. The next 45 minutes he thrashed about, threw himself around, SCREAMED!, cryed, and was just hysterical. It was horrible. The nurses said it was just because he was disorentated and confused from the anasthetic. After 45 minutes I looked up and saw my mum comming in the door. Ethan went straight into Nanny's arms, went silent, and went to sleep. When she handed him back to me about 10 minutes later, it all started again. He didn't want me, he didn't want Brett, he didn't want anything. Well, nothing besides Nanny. And she had gone and taken Liam with her. Again, he screamed, thrashed about and cried for another 45 minutes, until finally, he fell asleep!
After the first screaming fit. Finally calmed down for a few minutes to have a few sips of apple juice. He ONLY wanted daddy. (Our boys are both like that when they are sick. They only want one of us, and not the other. Sometimes it's me, other times it 's Brett.)

Checking his oxygen levels again. They were low, and were staying low for a long time. He was 90%, and they wanted him at least 95%.
Ahhhhh peace at last. Finally he sleeps! Finally they could get a good reading for his oxygen levels, as he wasn't thrashing about. No different though. Still 90%.
His anethatist came out to see him again, and was going to put him on some oxygen. She listened to his chest, and said there was definatly no blockage there, but thinks he may come down with a cold in the next few days. Still the same readings.

About to put him on some oxygen, but he woke up. He had some more juice and some sandwiches (and Raffie had some too), then another reading. Finally he got 94-95% They were sure he would come up soon. He was happy and even walked around a little with no probs at all. He did have some extra local anasthetic.

He kept his food and drink down, his temperature was good (it had been a little high in the morning), so we were able to come home. We stopped at mums and picked up Liam, then came home. He wandered around the house, had a little poke around in the sandpit, which is on the deck right outside the door, and even walked out to the clothes line with me. He climbed in and out of the 'train' he and Liam had made the night before with all the baskets from my shelving unit. I even caught him climbing the pantry shelves. He didn't really want dinner, but took a bottle which also had panadol in it, and fell asleep. He'll sleep in our bed with us tonight. We like to have our babies close when they are sick, and it's quite a hike from our room to theirs.
And in other news... I got a visit from the big orange truck today! Yay!! That's the TNT courier truck. That means a delivery from my favourite photography shop :) Something I thought I needed for tomorrow, and put through an urgent order for yesterday, and got them to deliver to Brett's work as we knew we wouldn't be here... turns out I don't need it tomorrow after all... but I will need it, and it's one more thing off my wish list. Probably not that exciting to the rest of the world, but something I know my photos have needed for a long time - and hopefully no one else has noticed they needed ;) LOL Speaking in code.


kathie said...

Oh, I am so glad that it all went well this morning. Give your little guys big cuddles tonight.

Lisa said...

Katie, I am so glad that all has gone well today. Have been thinking about you LOTS. Anesthetic is a shocker for little ones. Mitchell used to act the same way after his generals. (He's had 7 so far). Hope the recovery goes well . Lisa

Nat-Mardon said...

HEy KAtie, thanks for letting us know how it all went. God was obviously with Him today. I'm glad to hear all things went mostly well. Yes, lots of cuddles for that little man as he recovers - and some for you too!

sarah said...

OK i am now offically one big sook. I burst into tears when i saw Brett taking Liam to theatre. that was the worst thing ever for me when my baies were taken away too...

i am so glad it all went well. and thanks for the updates and pics. It is like we were they with you...

Good luck today and i know what you are taking about so YEAH to that

Seeya Sarah

Tara said...

Glad to hear that everything went SO well.

Sofi said...


So glad that all went well. And so glad to hear that Ethan is quickly recovering so well, after the surgery.

Take care, and not sure what your little purchase was?! but enjoy it, nevertheless.

Nic Wood said...

Glad to hear that everything well with his op. Hope his recovery continues just as well.
More big hugs for you both

Nic xxx
PS Brett looks like someone out of greys anatomy sitting there in his scrubs LOL

Ros said...

Glad Ethy is doing better. Hope he went well over night. Josh was up to mischief not long after his anesthetic for his tonsils and his sty operations... The next couple of days he crashed though.

Tam said...

Good, brave Ethan! I'm glad it's all over, and hope he stays well and is back to his usual self soon.

Must go before my hubby catches me perving on your hubby ;o)

Beck said...

Hi Katie,

You guys are all soooo brave :)

Ohhhh, what was in the TNT truck? I know how exciting new photog equipment is!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad he is ok. What a tropper.

Did anyone at the hospital wonder why you kept on taking photos?

Yes I agree your hubby is spunky dressed in hospital scrubs.

Have a great week end xxoo

Love from Susan (smiles1965) from Scrap Pile

Megan said...

So good to hear things went well yesterday. What a little trooper Ethan was. Actually all of you.

janine kaye said...

i am so glad it all went well!! i had my fingers crossed for him! (and you!)
i suck at code..i wanna know what was in the truck..LOL!!
hey i am coming to melb on the long weekend..maybe we could catch up IRL!