Saturday, May 19, 2007

He was in the mood for photos...

So who am I to not accept the offer. It seems that seeing other kids have their photos taken, he now realises it may not be so bad after all.

I went up to Collingwood again this week to pick up my camera. Hopefully my last trip up there for a long, long time! I really, really, really want to stay a Nikon girl. I really don't want to jump ship to the 'other' camera... but I will if this is not the end of the camera trouble. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, seeing as we were going to Collingwood, I decided a trip around Ikea would be a good idea, seeing as we were pretty much driving past anyway. Lucky for me, mum agreed (she's my navigator LOL) She'd NEVER been to Ikea! She loved it too. The reason for my Ikea trip. The red chair. I was going to get it when we did our huge spree up there after Christmas, but didn't and just kept thinking about it. I have a nice girly iron chair, but I really wanted a boy version, and I'm glad I have it now. Liam decided he wanted to test it out for me. Typical 5YO boy. The first pic is SO sharp, the second is a bit blurry, but the expressions just go together so perfectly. Taken at f1.8 and shutters 750. It's hard to keep things in focus when the app is so wide open. The slightest move back/forth and they are out of focal range. Not too noticable at this size though.

These ones were taken as I was setting up the studio for this mornings shoot. He strutted his stuff in front of me, requesting "take my picture". I didn't say a word to him. Check out the poses. Each time the lights fired he changed pose. Classic. Love it LOL. Man I love this kiddo.

OK, now not that I really want a pic of me on here, but I have to show you how clever my boy is! In return for the chair pics (well the *nice smile* part of it) I had to let him take my photo, and let him tell me what to do. These were all still taken at f1.8, so to get the focus right, you have to be spot on. Look how sharp he got it! And not just once. He took about 20 pics, (him) squatting down, standing on the couch etc) and still was able to compose the shot and get the focus right. I am blown away! He's FIVE! I know MANY adults who struggle with focus issues, and he almost always get's it perfect. If he starts now, imagine how talented he'll be when he's 30! I wonder what he will want to be?

Brett's nanna (GG which stands for Great Gran)is in hospital at the moment. She has a serious blockage in the artery in her neck. She was operated on this morning, and although they didn't want to put her under general they ended up having to. As it stands, the operation is done, and she is in a 'serious condition'. Waiting, waiting for some good news. Please pray it comes.


Yvette Adams said...

What gorgeous photo. I dig that red chair (I'm a big fan of Ikea too). And what a clever boy you have! He took a fantastic photo - a lovely one of you.
...praying for GG. :)

Megan said...

Hi Katie,

All your photos look great! Love the one of you - it is just so beautiful.

Thinking of you all and hope that GG makes a full recovery REALLY quickly :-)

Megan xx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hope everything turns out ok with GG KATIE!
Is Liam taking bookings yet? Think I might just have to book in real soon....what a pro!

jane fitchett said...

wow- how gorgeous are those photos- that would be me youre talking about re focusing 'issues'- might ask Liam for some tips LOL

hope you get some good news son with Bretts gg, and hope he is feeling better too :)

Tara said...

Man, he has done such a stunning job with the camera. I've just got my first REALLY good camera and can't wait to learn how to use it properly.

Lisa said...

Well Katie - What do you expect ?? Of course he is talented! He has a talented Mama teaching him.

Ros said...

Love the red chair Katie and that is such a good photo that Liam took!

Megan said...

Loving all the photos - yours and Liam's - that red chair is awesome.

Sending prayers Brett's GGs way!

Tania Lynch said...

I love those photos!
I just purchased my first good camera which is a Nikon SLR D40. Some tips from you both on how to use it would be great, I have no idea what to do with it!

Hope your GG will be ok.