Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crafty Matters layouts

I have to admit I have a *little* addiction to these Crafty Matters embellies now. I did the Hello Chooky layout first, then felt inspired to whip up the Ethan one... then just had to do one more! First two layouts, the little ceramic chics are Crafty Matters, and the third layout, the flower is.

ETHAN: The journalling for this layout is on the two tags that pull out from the pocket. The blue ribbon tag has is birth stats, weight, time etc, the green ribbon tag has the story of when I took this photo. I was waiting for his blood tests to come back, as he was quite jaundiced (and sleepy, and not all too interested in feeding). We were all packed and ready to leave hospital, but then we got the news to hold on, as he wasn't going anywhere just yet. In the end we were told we could take him home, but they would call in a few hours and tell us if we had to bring him back in. When they called they told us his levels were high, but just within the ok range. We had to keep an eye on him for the next few days, but all went well. Funny when I look at this photo. I loved how 'fraggle like' his hair was. So fluffy and soft. I can still remember exactly what if felt like to stroke his hair, and his face. The memories come flooding back and I can remember just how squishy his cheeks were when I kissed them. It's such an emotional photo for me, yet one I just found the other day while searching through old ones, and was just taken in his hospital crib near the window in my room, for no other reason that because I had time to waste and space on my memory card.

HELLO CHOOKY: When I took my camera in to Collingwood for the second time (which I am going to collect tomorrow) mum and I decided to throw in a trip to Collingwood Childrens Farm. I had arranged to borrow a camera from the repairers, and was very thankful that the battery was charged! I snapped lots of pics that day and I just love this one of Ethan saying hello to the chicken. Thought it matched Jane's little ceramic chic perfectly. And look Lyn... more letter tiles. Just when you mentioned that I don't use them anymore, I'd just completed a layout with them ;)

BEAUTIFUL: And just my spunky, sparkly eyed baby boy again (next batch of layouts will have to be about Liam!) In this photo his eyes are so sparkly and sharp. I put a lot of effort into getting eyes the way I wanted them when photographing, and I just love nice, clear, sharp eyes. Not too pleased that I overlapped the letters though. IRL it looks ok, but now that I see it here... not so good. But it's done, and I don't redo stuff. This one uses one of the Crafty Matters flowers. I used twine for the stem, and a screw brad for the flower centre, on a 7G tag. I love using flowers on boy pages, and making them look boyish. Love that Crate Paper. Can't wait to use more of it.

DANG! The little bug is up AGAIN! I've put him to bed 7 times now!!! Took me 1.5hours last night to get him to stay in bed. I think we are going backwards here!!! Of to put him back. As Dr James Dobson (author of The Strong Willed Child and Bringing Up Boys) says - I will win this battle through firm persistance. Wish me luck.

Or maybe I'll go buy another cot ;)


kathie said...

Ah Katie, I loved your reminiscensing (lol, spelling?) about Ethan's baby layout. Good luck with getting him to stay in bed!

Tam said...

Oh, beautiful tiny baby Ethan!! That's making me very clucky!

Lovely layouts, as usual - YAY for flowers on boy layouts!

Megan said...

Loving these LOs Katie - especially the baby Ethan one. So sweet. And that flower looks awesome on the 7Gypsies tag! You're inspiring me lovey!

Yvette Adams said...

Oh so lovely to see some more layouts from you. All beautiful. :) Those little chicks are so cute too!

Nic Wood said...

aaaawwwwww I felt all teary (almost clucky!) reading about your precious newborn.

Good luck with the whole staying in bed thing!

Keep on using those flowers on your boy LO do it so well, they always look awesome!


Mardi said...

Ohhh Katie...your use of the Crafty Matters embellies are just gorgeous!!
I love the little chickies..and the gorgeous flower which you have made perfect for a boy....oh..hang..I always love everything you
Mardi x

Lyn Dwyer said...

Love what you are doing with the CRAFTY MATTERS products KATIE! Jane is so lucky to have you on board....well done!

janinek said...

Good luck with keeping the little munchikin in bed!! Hope you are winning the battle! LOL!

jane fitchett said...

ooooh, the layouts are DIVINE:):):)
love the brad in the flower- soooo much!
thanks for making the embellies look so good :)

deb said...

so sweet. what an inspiring blog you have here!