Monday, May 21, 2007

what a weekend

Pretty crappy one really. Well it started ok, I photographed a beautiful 6mth old boy which was lovely. Then Ethan continued his onslaught to try and unravel me in every was he could manage. Man this two year old stuff is hard some days! And then there is GG.

She has just come out of Intensive Care, and is now in the Coronary Care. Hopefully she'll be strong enough for visitors soon. Only Brett's mum and her brother have been able to see her, and apparently she looks so frail, I'm not sure the boys would be able to handle seeing her like that.

Then there's my mother. And her 7.30am phone call to me, to tell me that my mothers day efforts were not good enough. Why is it that at 32 years of age, and a mother myself, she can still belittle me, and make me feel like a naughty child. What makes her think she still has the right to, and why do I let her.

So there you have it. This past week I've been a bad mother and a bad daughter. Luckily I've been a good wife, caring for the sick, being sick myself too with this terrible virus Brett bought home. And now I have to organise Friday. Ethan's operation.

We are only allowed to have two adults there, and no children. I had tentativly organised for Liam to go to either set of grandparents. When GG took ill, I knew it would be too much to ask Brett's parents, so I was assuming my mum and dad would have him. Look now, like he'll just have to come along too.

I was so hoping Monday was going to be a fresh new start to a good week.


Tam said...

I'm pretty sure you're neither a bad daughter nor a bad mother.

Praying for all the sickness, and operations... and if I lived closer, Liam could come to play with my little man!!

Take care.

Jess said...

I'm happy to come and get Liam, or to look after him there, pick him up from school - whatever you like. I'm serious, I'm happy to do it.

Apparently I'm a crap daughter too, so I know what you're dealing with. This year I didn't even try - just sent her a box of chocolates and a store-bought card.


connie said...

no way are you a bad daughter or a mother!!...
i really hope you week gets better!!

KimA said...

Mum's know how to push your button Katie - if it makes you feel any better mine got a phone call! I am planning on doing something for her that is not on a pre-arranged "hallmark" holiday.

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh mate, sorry to hear you had a doozy of a weekend. Mothers CAN be so insensitive sometimes can't they - like you don't have a million things you need to take care of yourself too! Don't worry about it sweetie...
Praying for Ethie's op this Friday. And that the rest of your week picks up!

Lyn Dwyer said... are a great mum.....great daughter.....great wife......just remember that girl!Sometimes mums just think we are still their little child....they can forget that as we get older we also have our own children to consider.
I hope all goes well for Ethan's op.....I'm off to PAYNESVILLE late Thurday after the BIGGEST MORNING TEA at SCRAPPY HOLLOW.....but I'll check in to see how the op went from the BAIRNSDALE library when I can.

Yvette Adams said...

Hmmmm I'm disappointed for you about that phone call. I hope you're feeling a bit better now. I'm thinking of you and hoping this week goes okay...

Megan said...

So sorry you had a crappy weekend.
Praying that this week goes better for you and that Ethan's op goes well.

Sarah said...

Hello MIss katie,
You are a GREAT Mummy and a Great Wife and a wonderful FRIEND. I am more then positive you are a FABULOUS daughter.

Mums get like this sometimes and trust me i am hearing you. I wish i could help you out on Friday but i am working. Let me know if i can help out over the weekend OK..

i hope it has all calmed down now and i am sure you Mum was having a bit of an off day..

Sarah M

jane fitchett said...

ditto, to miss sarah, and the others
Hope everything is improving on all fronts for you all