Thursday, April 12, 2007

School holidays #4

Easter Monday. The last day of Brett's holidays. I took Liam over to play at Milik's house with Darcy (school friends), while Brett cut the lawn. When we got back we all set off for our drive to Red Hill, and lunch at our favourite place. I had a DELISH veggie fritata. We sat outside in the glorious Autumn weather. It was just beautiful. Limbo (Liam, the poor kid has 8 thousand names, and answers to them all!) had a little run around the gardens and paths while we waited for our food. He found the little bird in the pic too. Sitting in the tree, right next to us. Waiting for some crumbs I think.
With our bellies full, and Brett's caffine addiction fuelled up we set off again. Not far. Over to Westernport Bay, to Point Leo. Wow, did that bring back the memories. Brett and I used to hang out there A LOT when we first me. He'd surf, and I'd sit in the sand dunes in the freezing cold - even rain at times and watch. Oh the things we do for love! Todays weather was not like that though. Perfect for a little paddle. We hadn't planned to go to the beach, so we had no towels or bathers. Not that that stopped the boys for a second. They wore themselves out, and slept all the way home in the car.
Brett headed over to a neighbours to raid their dam of some reeds and waterlillies. They told him he could have what ever he wanted... he just had to wade in and pull them out. How good is that. He said it was pretty yuck in there though LOL.
Tim and Amanda came over for dinner (neighbours). Delish BBQ and salads, outside, on the deck. We don't have an outside table etc yet, so we just open the double doors in our meals area and pull our dining table outside. Man I am loving our garden. Brett's wired up speakers under the pergola, so we had chillin' music playing, the water feature trickling, candles burning, lights dimmed... the bar is almost ready. The plants are getting huge. The banana's are doing amazingly well. There are still big parts of our house to finish, and it will be years before it's all done, but I just LOVE everything so far. So proud of my hubby and so thankful :)
Stay tuned for more of the catch up... still more to come!


Janine said...

Katie- It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time during these holidays!! I love those beach photos- so blue and gorgeous!!!

connie said...

Great beach pic Katie!!!....

Karen L said...

Nice to take time out to recharge. Love your photos - but then love anything to do with the beach- find it so soothing and revitalizing just sitting and watching it roll in.

Megan said...

Sounds like Andrew and I may have to come over and have dinner at your place on the deck. Sounds divine!

The Clarks said...

wow all sounds just perfect Katie
Nice to read life is good for you
Stunning pics