Monday, April 16, 2007

Unlucky day?

So, superstition has it that Friday 13th is an unlucky day. I'm not a superstitious person. I didn't even realise it was Friday 13th, until I was filling out a photography form on Saturday the 14th, and realised the day before must have been *that* day. And I had a good Friday. I caught up with Jess.... and NO ONE got sick! Every time Jess and I try and catch up, someone gets sick and puts an end to our plans. So... I thought I'd escaped all that unlucky stuff.

Enter Sunday. The morning was about as smooth/unsmooth as usual. Then we set off for a party for one of Liam's school friends. Strapped the boys into Brett's car and headed off. Half way down Craigie Road, realised we'd forgotten the present... UGH. Turned around, called B on the mobile, told him to meet me out the front with the present. Which he did. Set off again, and realised... no petrol. Had to get Fleet card off him, go to 'specific' servo, and THEN head to party. The party was a Rain Hayne and Shine childrens farm. If you know the place, you know it's out in the middle of no-where. And if you know me, you know I'm really bad at finding my way to new places. It wasn't too bad. I looked it up in the melways and we were off and headed in the right direction. Things were going well, we still had a little time up our sleeves. We were actually going to be EARLY. Imagine that! Turned down a road, off a road in the middle of no-where, only to realised I'd missed the (unsealed) part on the map. Bugger! OK, dirt road. Bumpy dirt road. REALLY bumpy dirt road. Possibly the worst dirt road I have ever been on. (If you are getting worried, it's OK, I didn't crash the car!) The problem came more as I turned out onto a made road. Unfortunatly, the *bumpyness* didn't subside. Suspected a flat, and pulled into a side road to check. Yep. Flat. Really flat. Not totally sure how long I'd been driving on it either. I suppose somewhere along the REALLY BAD BUMPY ROAD when I was thinking Brett's car has crap traction on dirt roads!

Now, my dad made me change every flat tire I ever had before I was married, so that I would know how to do it when I was on my own. But since then. Well... I'm not even sure I've had one. But I am sure I didn't change it if I did. I remember the basic things to do. Loosen the nuts, jack the car up... making sure the jack is in the right spot first! remove the nuts, swap tire, nuts back on, car down, tighten nuts. I thought "I can do this". Then I looked in the back seat at my boys and thought, crap! What if I do it wrong! What if I don't really remember the procedure. What if I've forgotten a step. What if the wheel falls off, or I crash the car with the boys in there. So I called Brett. Very thankful that 'the middle of no-where has good mobile coverage.) He says what you think he's going to say... and it's not, "no worries honey, I'll be there in a minute". So, as I sit there thinking what is the best thing to do, I look up and see a man fixing something with his dam. So I wave him over and ask him if he'd mind doing it for me. He's happy to help a girl out :) No need to remove the hub cap... that's somewhere up the bad bumpy road, and we are not going back to find it. He is my hero for the morning, comming to my rescue, and I am very thankful. So we pile the pram, and the trestle table (Lord know's why that thing is STILL in the car! Don't you all drive around with a trestle table in the boot?) back into the boot, and head off to the farm. Liam wants to know if we are late? Hmmm, yep baby, we are. We arrive 20 minutes late, but all is good. Kids have a fantastic time. Liam eats very little, not even cake. But he doesn't eat much. Normally he'd eat cake though. I took lots of pics so I'll include those later. We head home... the (sealed road) route. B, who had to stay home becasue he had so much to do, has managed to whipper snipper the front garden (after me nagging for two weeks) and hung out half a basket of washing, before getting side tracked and leaving the other half just sitting in the basket under the clothes line. There is still crap all over the garage, which was the main job he wanted to achieve. Seriously, huge crap. Sawdust, sandpit sand. Everything. We have a 3 car garage, and guess how many cars fit in it. None! That's right. NOT EVEN ONE. (It's bitch on DH night tonight LOL Usually he is very good) He then heads off to his uncle's to work out the cabinets for the bar, and to try and find his hub cap. Good luck to him LOL. I set to work, overhauling the entire house, which is just filthy. He arrives home a few hours later. Liam has a roaring temp and just falls in a heap. Needing mumma attention. Poor darling :( Which writes off just about every hour I've had from then to now.

Kept him home from school today. I'll see how he goes tonight, and how he is in the morning. His fever was pretty persistant. He's had lots of nurifen, and as soon as it wears off the fever shoots back up again. Tonight it seemed to stay down. But he has been saying he hurts all over. I thought it might have been tonsillitis, but maybe it's a fluey bug. Brett has come home and also fallen in a heap with a feaver. Let's hope Ethan and I don't get it. Although Ethan has been all over the place, screaming in the middle of the night. After months of him sleeping through, he's now waking 4 times a night or more. And screaming, as if in fear. I've been putting the light on very dim in his room, and it seemed to help. But not last night. If he has to walk past a dark room at night, he says "scare monty" (Scared of monster). It would be very cute, if he wasn't actually scared. I think Liam may have been filling his mind with rubbish. Lucky we have a big bed! At least it's nice to know that my love and attention can still fix their problems. I dread the day it may not be enough :( If they feel safe and well snuggled into our bed, then a few kicks in the tummy are a small price to pay.


Nic Wood said...

LOL great recount of your day Katie, glad you made it through!
Hope the rest of you stay well.
Nic xxx
PS I pretty sure I can imagine what Brett said when you rang...about the same as my DH would say LOL

jane fitchett said...

ah, sounds like might sort of day with things going wrong- you have made it sound very funny though i bet it wasnt at the time.
hope Liam is feeling better :)

Megan said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day so I can only imagine how tired you must be!

Hope Liam and Brett get better real soon and I hope you and Ethan missing out on the bug!

Anonymous said...

OK. This confirms it. I am officially jinxed when it comes to you! Although maybe it's wearing off since at least this time no-one got sick until AFTER we caught up! Hope Liam and Brett recover quickly and you and Ethan stay healthy. Thanks for a wonderful day on Friday - Ethan is already asking when we can do it again!


connie said...

Boy what a day!!!..

Hope Liam and Brett are feeling better soon... must be something going around both my kiddies have had a little bug the lst two days!!!

Take care

Janelle Wind said...

WOw Katie, what an adventure!! You retell it so well too. I hope everyone in your home is starting to feel a little better too and you are spared!!

Have you thought of making some monster spray - just a spray bottle and water but you can add some 'magical' ingredient. The you and Ethan go and spray monster spray into the rooms before he goes to bed and he can have it by his bed at night too - maybe this could help him be in charge of the monsters....

Thinking of you x Janelle

Tam said...

LOL, Katie. You're so brave for even *thinking* about changing a tyre!!

Hope your little ones are better and sleeping for you. Poor little mites.

welcome to my world said...

Hay katie,

I know the road...i know the farm! Coby had a kinder excursion there last month and it was great for the kids but the smell got to me after and hour :(.
Im so realting to you on the useless men side of things, chris shoveled 2 barrows of mulsh the other day and then i found him on the couch asleep!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh Katie......thanks for the laugh girl....I needed it today!You retell the day so well......I can just hear you retelling it in your words.....they are ringing in my head......hope the boys are on the mend Katie.

Don't worry I've never changed a flat tyre ever.......and yes....I've been known to drive along on one for about 2 kms without realsiing.....LOL!I did it once on the way to one of Tim's cricket funny now but at the time it wasn't.