Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Saturday morning I worked. Photographed a gorgeous little 8 week old baby boy, then set about making sure everything was set for Sunday - trip to the supermarket etc.

Sunday began VERY early. Liam bounded into our room, around the same time as the sun JUST started to rise! He was SO excited to tell me the Easter Bunny had been. He'd left eggs all over the deck. Benson (0ur bunny) beat the boys to a few of the eggs! Ooops! Appears he wasn't locked in his hutch after all. He likes to hide under the deck. Liam thinks the Easter Bunny let him out, because "they are cousins like him and Aidan. And they wanted to play."
The Easter Bunny hid eggs far and wide around our deck. He made good use of the 8million toys left out!

I told Liam he could go out and look at the eggs but couldn't pick them up until Ethan had his dressing gown and shoes on... and I had my camera! I couldn't even see straight, and it was still pretty dark. I learnt my lesson last year, to just USE THE FLASH on easter morning. It's too early, and the kids are too fast. Most of last years pics were blured. Unfortunatly I forgot the lesson about the ugly PJ's. LOL Anyway, back to my gorgeous boys and their hunt. Ethan took one egg and disappeared inside to eat it, while Liam ran around the garden with both buckets, putting eggs in each. The very thoughtful Easter bunny made sure he left even amounts of eggs at each little depot ;) It is a massive loot for two little boys, but fear not... Brett and I have eaten a fair few of them!

Now excuse the washing basket, props etc (mess) in the background. This pic I just had to include. It just cracks me up. The good thing about having concrete floors, two little boys can't wreck them. I could hear them screaching and giggling, and came to see what all the noise was about. There they were, Liam lying on Brett's skateboard,
propelling himself with his arms, Ethan sitting on top, helping reach even higher speeds by pushing with his feet, and both of them screaming "look mum, we're FLIIIII-YING! When they'd reached high enough speeds they stuck their arms out the front, Superman style.

Sunday was also our Wedding Anniversary! Seven years. I did a huge rundown of how/where/when we met, plus the wedding, and our entire lives up to the present, last year. Check out the April 8th archives if you want to see it, because I can't be bothered to type it all again.

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Kim G said...

Katie, your Easter sounds like it was so much fun with your gorgeous boys. Love all the photos!