Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Crop for Kids

Wow, what a fantastic day it was. Everything ran so well. With thanks to so many generous business and people we had a ton of prizes. The day went SO fast! I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to be a part of it.

First pic is setting up the hall, then as it filled up, and a few shots from the day.

There were two classes on the day. Mine was in the morning, and Sarah's was in the afternoon. Both went really well and were a lot of fun... and even more importantly, raised money for the Good Friday Appeal. Big thankyou to everyone who embrassed the opportunity to participate. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
Carolyne sat in with me and took a few pics for me. I've never had pics of me teaching a class before :) Thanks darl!

And CHANEL 7! How exciting! Our miss Jess on TV. Michelle sent me through a link to the clip the other day, but apparently it doesn't work here. I'll link anyway and see what happens.

I'm wandering around in the back left - looking useless LOL

The packup was no where near as bad as we thought it would be. Thankyou to everyone for leaving the place so tidy.

We have learnt many lessons while putting this event together. Hopefully we can use those lessons positivly, and be back next year with an even bigger and better event.

I'll post the grand total, when everything is in and counted and final :)

I'd also like to say a BIG thankyou to everyone who purchased a sitting fee with me. I'm really pleased to be able to donate from that. Thanks :)


Lyn Dwyer said...

Love how you have scrapped this was a great day!


Yvette Adams said...

Well done! This would have been a HUGE job! Looking forward to hearing how much you raised.

connie said...

What a great Day!!!....

Sarah said...

Hey Chicky,

Love your pics from Point Leo, more of you with the kids Yippeeee.....

Your dontaion for Crop 4 kids totally rocks. Soo great.... and yes the day was fantastic..

See you soon