Wednesday, April 11, 2007

School holidays #3

OK, catching up here. So this is back on Tuesday. The first pic was taken before I left for the beach to meet up with Jane, Sarah, Shirley, Lisa and Charmane. It's comming up for Brett's BIG birthday party, and he's been doing a 'little' work around the back garden to get it how he wants it. This here is the water feature. The feature that has been floating around that little mind of his for quite some time (like, how long have we been in our house? Everything around here takes time). They had just started to put water in it when I left for the beach. The second pic was taken when I got back. It's full of water and the pump is working. The water pumps up behind the tin, fills a tray, then spills over and down the tin. It looks and sounds beautiful. Our back garden is becoming our own personal retreat :)

On Wednesday, mum bought Aidan over for a play, and also came to make a pattern of our couches. I DESPISE our couches. Well, besides the fact that the are very comfy. So comfy, we don't want to get rid of them. But we bought them before kids, and had NO idea how badly the fabric would wear/fade. It is shocking. DO NOT EVER, EVER buy a couch covered in indian cotton. NEVER! Last week mum and I went shopping and ordered some gorgeous new fabric, and she's going to recover them for me. Don't I have such a talented mumma! I'll keep the deatails until later thoug ;)

When they arrived Aidan bought along some bickies my sister made. She is a cake decorater (let me know if you ever need a cake!) and she was having a little practice/play making some flowers, and lucky us got to test them out.

While mum was here she decided to duck down to the street market while Aidan was playing happily. To keep them occupied (and not fighting!) I quickly ran outside and hid some choccy bugs, then made them hunt for them. Had to hide them in 3's so there was one each.

Not long after Brett arrived home with fish! (I did mention he's on holidays didn't I?) So now we have fish in our water feature.

Wednesday night it was back up to Wendy's house for the last meeting before the crop.

Thursday... well that was a bit of a write off. I ran around like a headless chook getting things organised for Crop for Kids, and then 'tried' to get an early night.

Stay tuned - there's more to come.


Megan said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time on holidays together.
That water feature looks awesome.
Brett must be pretty stoked with himself!

smiles1965 said...

Am loving your recent photos Katie, thanks for sharing.

I had to laugh at your warning of never buying a couch covered in indian cotton.

TOO LATE, been there, done that!

Our 7 year old couch is looking terrible nowdays. I'm ashamed of it when we get visitors drop in. It needs replacing sooooo urgently but new couches aren't cheap and we have NO spare money right now boo hoo!

Enjoy the rest of the week xxxoo

From Susan@Scrap Pile

connie said...

loving your new water feature... Your man is just so clever... mine couldnt hang a picture on the (not joking)..

take care

Yvette Adams said...

Oh I love your water feature. Can you send him over to my place when he's finished? I'll take one just the same :)
Your mum is a legend covering your couches. I would HATE!!!!! that job.