Tuesday, April 03, 2007

School holidays #2

We started the morning with the last minute decision to go out for breaky. So nice having hubby home on holidays :)

When we got home, I grabbed a few things and headed off to Edithvale Beach to meet up with Jane, Lisa, Sarah, Shirly and Charmaine and all the kiddos. My boys have never played with any of the others before, but they played well. I thought Ethy would be more of a terror seeing as he'd woken every hour last night, and screamed for half of the journey there! But he was good. As a last second thought before I left home I decided to throw Liam's jellyfish kite into the bag. So glad it did, the kids loved it, and it hardly hit the ground the whole time. Jonathan even managed to fly it with his foot ;)

Sarah took some piccies for me. Thanks so much darl! It's very rare that I ever get infront of the camera, and it's so nice to have some memories captured. Thank you so much. I'm wrapped with all of them. (the yellow thing in the picture is the kite. Couldn't let go of it could we.

You know if you were on the beach, and you saw this scene that you'd be looking at a bunch of scrappers don't you LOL. I can't believe our kids all sat in the same place for more than 20 seconds! Got LOTS of pics of Liam jumping off the fence. He's into jumping at the moment, and it's even better if it's caught on film.

And finally a few fave pics I took of my sweet little poppets. That second one, of Liam, is probably my favourite photo of him to date. Man he is growing up too fast! I think that one is going BIG!

And the Ethy bug. Not quite how I wanted it to come out. I wanted to use a really wide apperture, so his feet were in focus and the rest of him was a blur, but didn't check my settings, and by the time I did adjust them... he was gone. So it is intentional that his face is a bit blury. I still love it though.


connie said...

Wow Katie... sounds like a FANTASTIC day with the girls!!... sounds like the kiddies had a ball!!!

Great pics too!!.. but you know how much i love your work!!

Take care...


ps... sneak peak looks very yummmy!!

shirls said...

it was a fabulous day, wasn't it. love those photos. love liam's yellow boots too. i'm going to try to make those easter egg biscuits because abby loved them. she hardly ever ask for seconds of anything....lol.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Great pics KATIE.....love all the boy poses.......great1


Nic Wood said...

Fantastic pics Kaite...nice to see you in there as well!

Love the sneek peek in the last post...a pink LO hehehehe thats a nice change for you, its lovely having nieces isnt it!

Nic xxx

Sarah said...

Katie you are more than Welcome. NOt hard when the camera is set up for me::)lol... PLus your boys are adorbale. i could have taken Ethan home way too cute.

Thanks for a wonderful day. I didnt want to leave..LOL


Cass said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day! Love the photos (as always).

Jody said...

Hi Katie, thanks for the comments. Its one of those things, at the time you think you are the only one going through it, but its helps hearing others have experienced similiar issues, and even better to see they have recovered from it. That is great that Liam hasn't stuttered since December. I will find out the exact approach we will be taking next Tuesday, however she almost certain that we would take the Lidcombe approach.

And yes, I am so glad I have got onto it now. When I saw Lisa on the last visit with Casey, I clearly remember her saying to me, if you have any concerns about Jamies speech get him assessed straight away, it doesn't matter how young he is. When you have your first child having speech difficulties, you tend to notice and look out for any problems with your second.

Yeah it is a real bummer Lisa has gone, however I saw a lady named Courtney and she was just as lovely. I think the public system is just fantastic. The experience I had with the private system was crap.

Oh and guess what, I will be coming to Crop for Kids on Friday, I can't wait, so looking forward to it, will see you there.

Take Care

Jody said...

Oh forgot to mention, love the pics, just gorgeouse as usual.....

kathie said...

It looks like you had a great day. Wonderful photos. now you just have to scrap them all!
Love the look of your class for Crop for Kids. have a great day!

Charmane said...

WOW - Katie - fantastic photos! Was great to catch up with you! and look forward to seeing you on Friday :)
Love Charmane

Sofi p said...

I love all the photos Katie! And you all look like you had a great time.