Monday, April 23, 2007

No going back now.

Apparently, in the words of Ethan, "Daddy broke cot - (with the) drill!"
So we've had the whole moving around fiasco this evening, and they have finally settled down for the night in their temporary beds.

Thank you all for the offers etc. Gorgeous Sarah has come to my rescue with a bed rail/guard thingy. Thanks so much Sarah. Until then this is a little trick one of my mums group friends told me. You put the doona on sideways and tuck it in under the matress nice and tight, and they can't fall out.

Please ignore the ugly blanket. He LOVES that thing, and its his usual blanket, so we are transitioning here. He's sucking down a tiny (as he says "lil bubby, bubby bobbo") bottle of water :) You can't really see the doona here, I thought I'd taken a pic, but didn't. It has diggers, cement trucks, dump trucks etc appliqued onto it, and small prints of them on the sheets. It was actually Brett's choice, and I like that he chose it. Usually he just says "you choose honey". I'll take a better pic tomorrow. Mum is going to recover the gliding rocker (again!), this time with the fabric from the flat sheet, as we never use flat sheets. And I'm redoing the pictures above his bed. I think I'll do three of them this time. Now that we have the theme picked I'll get a rug. I'll go for a road map thingy like Liam has. I'd like to get one the same, as you can join them up and make huge roads if they are the same, so the search will be on for that. Also need to sand and repaint my old bedside tables to match the new beds, obviously get the new beds, and I was going to go for a toy box, but I think I'll go for another Ikea unit... a small one this time, on it's side, under the window, so he can use it as a seat, or table area to play. Need two of them though, one for Liam's room too. Did another little wish list for Ikea... but it will have to wait. I've got to go back up to Collingwood in the next few weeks to pick up my camera again, and it would have been nice to be able to go while we are up that way, but $ wise, it aint going to happen!

It's hard to get a pic of his room, but it's really not that small. Liam's is just massive in comparison. There will be lots of little nooks and cranies for different play spaces. A space to play, one to read, one for creating, one for floor play, and obviously - one for sleeping.

Liam's room is pretty much thre reverse, but the hallway and wardrobe depth wider, and his feature wall is dark blue, with a dark denim-y coloured blind. All their furniture will be white (have to repaint that table and chairs), and the carpet will eventually be....? Dark? Blueish/ or brownish? Who knows. That is too far away. In the mean time, at least they can't wreck their carpet.

Adds are over, time to watch the box :)
Thanks again everyone xx

Anyway, just wanted to quickly update. I'll adds pics of Liam in his huge bed too soon. For the moment, Desp Housewives is on :) Ironing time :(


connie said...

Great idea with the doona!!!,.. may have to use that when we go to Sydney next month for Jorja!!!...

I love that color its the same as my boys room.... great mionds think alike....well maybe yours anyway!!

Take care

Karen L said...

Room looks gorgeous Katie - nice that Brett wanted to have an input too - My DH is the same and normally says "You choose DarL' so it does make it a bit special when they add their bit.
Love wishing IKEA too - they have some pretty awesome stuff. Unfortunately we don't have one here, but my daughter lives very close to one in Brissie and it is always on my list of places to visit.

Yvette Adams said...

He looks so little in the big bed! Sounds like you'll keep busy organising his room. I'm off to Ikea when I'm in Sydney on the weekend. I can't wait!

AND you've been tagged! Check my blog :)

Janine said...

Hi Katie, Oh Ethan looks so little in his big bed! LOL! I'm sure he will settle into it just fine!!!
By the way - you have been tagged! :)

kathie said...

I will remember about the doona. Jamie still climbs out of his bedding, so he has to wear cute little sleeping bag thingies.

I just tagged you ;)
Only if you want to.

Kathleen Pitt said...

What a gorgeous job, It is such a big moment moving into a big bed, they look sooo little in them :)

BTW your tagged :)

Jasmine said...

How quickly do they grow up!!! Ethan looks adorable in his big bed - they look so tiny in there at first don't they. I love the sound of your plans for the boys rooms.
Lily just moved into a bed a couple of weeks ago too - I sooooo wasn't ready for her to go in there yet :( Mainly because she's really strong willed too and I thought we'd have a battle on our hands, but thankfully she's been really good. Her cot is still in her room and I had to put her back in it once because she decided 5am was a good time to arise in the morning and after 3 early mornings (and subsequently snappy/irritable days) I'd had it!!! Since that she's stayed put in her bed :)

janinek said...

Good luck with the new sleeping arrangements! I know how expensive it is buying new beds and matresses! I'm sure he will adapt quite quickly, besides its a big adventure right now!