Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ready or not...

About a year ago friends of ours announced they were having a baby. Just after Ethan's 2nd birthday. I suggested that Ethan may be out of his cot then, and they could have it if he was. Fast forward, well I guess about 9 months, not a year, to now. They want the cot. Ethan still sleeps in the cot. We have a friend making two beds, but he's not done yet, plus we have the expense of two matresses, doonas, waterproof sheets, linen, pillows, bed rail thingies to stop him falling out. Sheesh, it adds up quick. Silly me should have thought ahead and realised this was also around DH's BIG BASH. Now, tell me about expense! LOL. But I do have a little stashed away for the beds. But that doesn't solve the problem that our friend still hasn't made them, and won't be able to for a few more weeks. B's been getting text messages that they need the cot in two weeks. Probably a week now. Sheesh, what to do, what to do?

Brett's solution was to put Ethan in the spare room. I don't like it. Why should he have to move out of his own room, to sleep in the spare double bed? The spare room still doesn't even have curtains in it! So we've spent the week looking at all the different solutions, to get Ethan a temporary bed until his one is ready. (Liam is in Brett's old single bed, and I know what I want for both their beds, but couldn't find it anywhere except for Potterybarn in America... so I showed it to scotty and he's making one each for the boys).

Liam's room is huge, Ethan's is considerably smaller. So today we think we have decided on a solution. The double bed will be taken apart, and just the matress and base (not the head and end) will go into Liam's room (cos it will fit in his, not Ethan's). Liam's bed will come out of his room and go into Ethan's. Then when their beds are done it will all be moved around again. Yep, it will be a pain in the butt, but it will keep the peace, which is worth more. This of course has to happen this week - while we thought we were flat out getting B's party organised and finalised.

So today I bought Ethan's doona cover, sheet set and valance, and started planning his big boy room :) It's cute... I'll share pics as we go.

The next major problem... HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO KEEP A STRONG WILLED TWO YEAR OLD IN BED!? He will just climb out. At the moment, if he objects to going to bed he at least can't get out. So I am expecting to be a lot more tired and frustrated, behind in work, and pretty confident he will not nap during the day anymore :(

Not sure what to do here. Get the porta-cot back of Brett's sister? Far out, keeping the peace $#IT$ me sometimes.

I think it's a bad thing that I blog at night... I think I'm saying a bit too much lately, letting the day's frustrations go.


Anonymous said...

Eek at your situation. I'm sure you will get it all sorted! :o)

Can't wait to see Ethan's big boy room xxx

Nat-Mardon said...

Oh that's hard hey... can you kindly say to your friends that you need it for a few more weeks? You did say they could have it if he was out of it... and that will be a couple more weeks till the beds are ready...Or can you borrow a single bed from someone? Or maybe your plan will work. There will be a transition for Ethan in any case going into a big bed, but it sounds you wanted to do it and get all the barriers etc in a few more weeks after Brett's party. Its something you can seek God for Katie. I hope it all works for you :)

Megan said...

I'm with Nat. Can you tell em to wait a couple of weeks. I mean you are doing them a favour. Could they use a basinette or something for the first few weeks. It just seems like you have a lot of pressure on you to move Ethan out and it's not happening in your time but someone else's.
Will be praying for you!

Jess said...

Totally agree with Nat and Megan. You're doing them the favour, not the other way around, so if it doesn't work for you at the moment then they need to accept that. I'm happy to lend you or them our porta-cot. It never gets used now. But don't put yourself under all that extra pressure when there's so much else to think about!


Kim G said...

Yes I agree with the other girls too Katie. Your friends should be willing to wait if you are doing them a favour. A small baby can easily sleep in a bassinette or portacot. I don't remember having big problems keeping my 2 year olds in beds so I'm not much help in that department, I guess you just have to stick to your guns and march him straight back if he comes out. He will get the idea soon enough.

Good luck
Kim xx

janine kaye said...

we just moved jack (22 months) into a big boy bed about a month or so has one of those side rail things and he doen't get out at night or for his day time nap..but her loves his bed. With his older sister..we just spent about a week putting her back each time she got out...
i am with the others though..tell your friends the cot isn't available for 2 weeks due to the delay in their beds being made and they might have someone who can lend them a snuggle bed or bassinette for the interim. you shouldn't inconvenience yourself for being generous!