Friday, April 27, 2007

Yes you are seeing correctly!

I've been scrapping!
And I have news... which I should have shared quite a while ago, but didn't get around to it. Ange from Scrapware invited me to be on her DT. Very excited about that. Love her embellishments, so I was totally BLOWN away when 'the box of stuff' arrived. That was the day before Crop for Kids, so I didn't get a chance to get into it for a few days, but boy, I tell you I LOVE this stuff.

Heartbreaker: My favourite photo of Liam so far. As much as it looks like it, it's totally unposed. Well I did tell him to stand up there by the door of the beach house, while we were at Editvale beach the other day, but the expression - pefect! I was just getting into position, getting my focus right, when the blur cleared and I saw this, and I just had to press the shutter release and hope I got it. I did. So thrilled with that. I have a million gorgeous photos of everyone elses kids, and only a few (well OK, possibly a few hundred) of my own kiddies. But boy, does he look old in this! I can see the teenager and man he will one day become in that expression. I used Scrapware hearts, covered with paper and sanded the edges a little. I'm using a HS 9x9 album at the moment, so expect a few square layouts comming up. Also had to photograph them instead of scanning, and because they are about .5" too wide, I still have to stitch. Hate that, so I photographed. Not great pics though.

This one is more Scrapware. I painted the 'egg hunt' cream, dot painted each letter, sanded and inked the edges. Also the flowers on the eggs are Scrapware. They are little buttons, and I threaded the jewellery tags (apparently now also known as "katie tags?" through the holes, and tied a bow on top.

Awww, how sweet is my little boy. Another totally unposed pic. Brett just snapped the pic amongst a heap of others of Ethan playing etc while we were out to breaky one morning. Scrapware swirls on the corners of the photos. Painted dark brown, very lightly sanded the external edges.
The same morning I snapped that pic of Liam I love so much, I managed to snap this one. Again I had to be superfast. As soon as this was taken he was gone. I picked up these American Crafts felt flowers at Crop for Kids. LOVE them! Boyish flowers. What is not to love about that! And pefrectly matches that scrap of pp I had left in my stash. Just meant to be =)

I thought I'd shared this one, but possibly not. Just one I did playing a few Friday nights ago. I'm trying to leave my Friday nights for scrapping time. I do spend a little time preparing for the next days photoshoot (I shoot on Saturdays), then I scrap. I need to make a regular time at the LSS again. Have to check out Paper Doll I think, and actually GO there. LOL

This was the boy version of the class I taught at Crop for Kids. It is quite similar to the class I taught at the Scrapanalia Retreat... but there were not many of the same people at both events. How CUTE is that pic of my boy! I tell you he is something sweet. (Oh excuse the BAD stitching. Being lazy now.) I took that pic with no light, and it was almost dark. Had my shutter so slow, and my app at 1.8, and just had to sprinkle it with some photoshop dust. But I just love the expression. He was actually screaming MOVE I think. Possible road rage? Might have to curb that LOL

This is the girl version, and this is my sweet little neice Bethany. My sisters bubby. This is from her *first* photoshoot with me. We need to do more. I think she will be one very photographed little girl =) She may look placid here, but she was actually turning quite feral LOL. Not really, just hungry, tired and sick of that darn flashing softbox!

So there you have it. Finally I have shared. I do still have a few, but they are Scrapbook Station DT ones, so can't share just yet. If you haven't checked out the forum over there, come on over and say hi. Kathie's there... so's Nic... and Lisa, Steph, and Janine of course and lots more. =)


Megan said...

Oohh Katie totally loving these LOs. You are so good at using the Scrapware. I'm going to have to check some of it out.

You've got me all inspired to get stuck into some scrapping and posting LOs on my blog.

Nat-Mardon said...

Yum yum yum!! I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing these today Katie! What gorgeous work you've done - really loving the first one - with all those hearts and it looks wonderfully 'boyish' still.... I'm off to check out all these scrapware embellies too - yum!!

Megan said...

Katie these are all so fabulous - the colours and photos, the design....pure eye candy!!

Congrats on the DT possie too!

Megan xx

connie said...

WOw Katie...amazing layouts!!!.... congrats on the Scrapware DT.. love her stuff!!!

maybe we will see you at paper doll one day for a crop???....

take care

Sofi p said...

Katie, congrats on the DT positon! Really love scrapware, and must have quite a bit in my stash!

Loving all your layouts, they are simply gorgeous!


Lisa Giddins said...

Thanks for sharing with us Katie...they are all beautiful...feel free to share with us anytime you want :o)

kathie said...

Congratulations on the DT! You're gonna have to have all day Fridays for scrapping at this rate!
Love all the layouts. My favourite would be the piggies one though. Love the photo.

welcome to my world said...

congrats on the scrapware dt.
You have incorporated the products so well.
Love the new pics, seriously contemplating coming in with coby and my 2 nephews

janinek said...

Wow, when you are on a roll, you sure are on a roll!!! Love all the layouts you do!