Monday, March 12, 2007


I've been feeling a bit blah lately with my photography. Feeling the need to get outdoors and play some more. Really wanted to head down to the beach when the light was good, which unfortunatly is also nearing 'witching hour'. It was one of those things we meant to do over the Christmas break... it didn't get done. Yesterday I was chatting to Brett and mentioned that I wanted to try these at the beach, but yesterday was so windy! We decided tonight would be a good time, as long as the weather behaved. All day it's been overcast, threatening to rain, cold (well too cold to paddle in the water, or wear t-shirts as I had planned) so I ummed and ahhhed all afternoon. Some times when I'd look out the back door I could see the sun trying to break through the clouds over the beach (can't see the beach, but can see the sky in that area LOL) then other times it just looked black and gloomy. Brett was busy in the garden finishing off the paving, and moving plants around. Finally at 4.00 I decided we would do it, threw the kids in the shower, quickly dressed them and headed down there. I didn't get many shots. I didn't bother getting any family ones with me in them. But I'm happy with these. I had colour photos in my mind, but when I converted them to black and white I loved them that way too, so now I can't decide! I'll put the B&W here.

I have lots of work to do. Had three shoots this weekend. All were good, but I have to say Wendy and Duncan's was a blast LOL. Wendy, if you read this - I love ya! Thanks for such a fun shoot.

Mum called and offered to have Ethan for me on Thursday (bless her!) so I can get some work done, and I have Friday while he is at family daycare, so I don't need to sit up and work my tail off till the wee small hours of the morning. (hopefully). On the other hand, the house looks like a three day long cyclone has ripped through it. Must do something about that tomorrow.


Karen L said...

Wow Katie these are amazing photos. Love the first one. Love your LO from the class too.

steph devlin said...

Katie, your photography is just beautiful. I really adore that last photo. The look on your little boy's face is just priceless. Great seeing your stuff at SS.

Steph xo

Lyn Dwyer said... these latest pics....I could just imagine Wendy and Dunk getting their pics would be such fun as they are just such a gorgeous couple.
I'm off soon to do a quick shop and then out for dinner tonight with much fun!


janinek said...

Fantastic photos! I also love the lo you taught at the retreat. Just stunning

WenDunk said...

oh katie we had the best time, you were so relaxed about the shoot, it really made us chill and just be ourselves. thanks so much again
wendy and dunk

Yvette Adams said...

Wow... what beautiful pics Katie!

Cass said...

Gorgeous piccies. You have real talent girl!

And regarding the messy house, who cares? Well, except Flylady of course! LOL

Nic Wood said...

awsome, awsome, awesome photos Katie. THey are truely stunning, you are one talented little chicky arnt you!!!

Nic xxx

Nat-Mardon said...

GORGEOUS photos Katie. I always LOVE looking at your stuff girl :)

Megan said...

Wow Wow Wow Katie. Love that first one. Liam looks so high up.

Can't wait for you to take some pics of my little bub in a few months. Although it'll be around winter so the beach probably ain't a good idea for a newborn!! LOL

Belinda said...

Katie...your photography blows me away! You are so talented.
Can i ask what camera you use? Im dreaming of a new camera...i think i'll have to keep dreaming though. The budget doesn't allow it